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The Melting Pot

Now that we are well into the new year and the second semester of school, change has been on my mind a lot lately.  2015 is going to be a big year of lasts and firsts.  And being a person who does not adapt easily to change, I am not looking forward to this.photos_for_changing4.jpg2007 and 2014

It will be Monkey Boy’s last year in elementary school and subsequently his first year of middle school.  Yikes!  As I sit here and write this, I can already feel the anxiety settling in.  My goal was to have his problems addressed by the time he started middle school, and I think we’ve made pretty good headway, though maybe not as much as I had hoped.  Although his teacher and I have seen some huge improvements in reading and math, he continues to test below grade level.  It is so frustrating to know that no matter how many gains he makes, he never catches up. 

And just this week marks the end of a year of weekly occupational therapy appointments.  It has been one of the best things we have done for Monkey Boy, and I love Helping Hands.  It’s the one therapy that I (and he to a degree) will miss.  And quite honestly, I’m a little scared to see it end.

photos_for_changing2.jpg2005 and 2014It will also be Little H’s last year of middle school and her first year in high school.  She’s already traveling to high school for German, so I think she’ll settle in fairly easily.  She continues to go to tutoring for her dyslexia, but that too will end sometime this year.  She’s really growing up and time can’t seem to go fast enough in her mind.  Our last conversation had me telling her that, “No way are you going to live with a boy when you go to college!”

Master Yi-Yi will be smack in the middle of his high school career.  His time as an underclassman will end and time as an upperclassman will begin.  Quite honestly, considering how this year is progressing, I think we’ll both be glad to see tenth grade come to an end.  There will still be changes on other fronts for him. In March, he will have fulfilled all of his requirements to get his driver’s license.  He and I are already battling over exactly how much freedom he will have.  I’ve decided that the hardest thing I will do as a parent thus far will be to watch him drive off by himself in a car for the first time.  I am positively dreading for changing2_1.jpg1999 and 2014

I still can’t believe how quickly everything changes.  I know a lot of it is good, and we are lucky to have made it this far.  These upcoming changes are firsts and lasts that are mostly predictable. We’ve made it through many “lasts” that only now do I realize never happened again…the last bath together, the last song goodnight, the last time Master Yi-Yi was shorter than me, etc.  And we’ve made it through plenty of “firsts.”

So, it’s time to brace myself and gear up for all these future changes.  And speaking of changes, in my next post, I will give you a glimpse into one of the biggest changes I endured….my separation and divorce in 2007.

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Laura is mostly a stay at home mom who works part time at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library.  In the past, she was a first grade teacher.  Over the years, she has kept herself busy volunteering at school, babysitting and caring for her children.  Currently, a lot of her time is spent dragging her youngest child, Monkey Boy, to various appointments in search of answers to his developmental issues.  She also has two teenagers, son:  Master Yi-Yi and daughter: Little H. Her melting pot family also includes her ex (father to her kids), the world’s best step-dad and husband, “TR” two step-daughters, two cats and a part-time dog!

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