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Kristen is a home­maker, home­schooler, and a home­keeper. Her experience includes nineteen years of practice, raising three kids, a husband, and a dog. Writing about her life helps her stay sane. She believes that sharing stories helps others by providing opportunities to share advice (and helpful hints) about homeschooling, and raising kids on the autism spectrum, while supporting marriages and families that are striving to thrive.

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Shannon Enos is a wife, recovering Pinterest addict, and homeschooling mom of two young girls. Her hobbies include analyzing music with her husband, pretending she’s going to finish that crocheting project she started 4 years ago, and making lists of things she has already completed just so she can cross them off. Shannon values truth, education, the arts, open minds, humor, and “Nashville" binges on Hulu. She believes that learning happens everywhere, whether you’re paying attention or not.


Pink Owl



Well, now.  Call me surprised, flabbergasted, or whatever, but I was NOT expecting to be hard down with the flu. In March. In seventy degree weather.  It's a sad state of affairs to think that there would be an increase in flu outbreaks at the end of the season!  Like the weather in Virginia having a mind of its own, I guess the flu does its own thing.  


So, this is how this went down:  On Monday I felt a tickle in the back of my throat. Tuesday morning my lungs hurt and my ears were itchy.  By eleven in the morning I was pretty sure I was getting a bad cold.  By eleven at night I was thinking, “dang- I might have the flu!”  So on Wednesday, I got up and went to Patient First.  I started sneezing on the way there. Sadness.


A big sign on the door said, “ If you are coughing, please wear a mask! If you have travelled outside the United States, please inform us immediately!”




All of last year’s Ebola images started flipping through my mind- along with images of the bubonic plague (we are studying medieval history in homeschool). I'm not dramatic or anything, but wearing a mask felt dramatic.  It didn't help that I was the only one doing so. I sat down in a corner and the people sitting across from me actually got up and moved… The check-in lady wiped down everything--  the pen, the paper, the desk, her hands.  She may have sprayed herself with Lysol as soon as I left her check-in station.


If I've ever been checked for flu before, I am sure I blocked it from my memory.  I do not recall anyone ever trying to extract neurological tissue from a nasal swab up my nasal cavity ever before to me in my life.  Kudos to the tech that took the sample, though, because she was able to deflect my waving arm (I wasn't going to hit her… I just wanted to let her know I was about to become a brain bleed patient if she continued to push that swab up my nose any higher). She did just as thorough of a  job with my throat culture, too. My larynx is bruised.  I can tell because my voice sounds like Darth Vader's.


In a little under twenty minutes I had my diagnosis: good news!  I did not have strep!  I did, however, test positive for the flu.   Apparently, everyone is getting it around here, this week and last week.  They were out of medicine, actually, so I got the pleasure of walking around Target with a mask on, too.  And no make-up.  Fun times. I don't like to be (or look like) a scary person. Thank goodness the Target team know me very well.  They knew I wouldn't be offended when they pincer grasped the script then used alcohol wipes on the keypad. And, I wasn't. I actually suggested they all spray themselves with Lysol. For real.


My husband (my hero) immediately went into mission mode.  He is boldly taking over taxi, kitchen, and kid duty.  He even went to get me gluten free chicken noodle soup!  Love... true love...   just looks like gluten-free chicken noodle soup sometimes.  




So- tea, hot beverages, ginger ale, lemon and honey concoction… Hopefully, these will all help.  I actually have made and used a honey, lemon, chili pepper, garlic and ginger recipe, before, to just make my throat feel better, and it did.  It also opened my sinuses pretty well.  I think I found that recipe on Pinterest.  Vapor rub on my feet, helps, too, and that came from my mom, and probably her mom, etc.  Does anyone else have any sage advice for flu victims? Has anyone used any essential oils with a good effect?  How about herbs or vitamins you swear by?  Let us know!  Sharing advice not only keeps us connected, it helps us take care of one another and our families. Plus, I’d love to make a speedy recovery:) 




... aaaanddd... it's ok.  Parenting might be a little different with someone else in charge, but they are having fun, and everyone will survive. 


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