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Organizing Through Life

Recently I spoke to about 50 women on the topic of downsizing.


It was awesome to see heads shaking, heads bowing, some laughing and others raising their hands in agreement to my comments.

The first question that I asked at "The Art of Downsizing" was, "Who here thinks that they have too much stuff?" Every hand in the room went up! This confirmed my suspicion...we are a materialistic society and we are tired of living cluttered live.

Here are the three main struggles of downsizing:

1. What to do with everything - sorting, purging and eliminating is emotional and physical.

2. What to keep for the new home -  because I don't really know what I will "need."

3. How to get it all done - because I am only one person (and my spouse really just thinks I should be able to do it all by myself).

My response to these questions were:

  • Start in a space where you can easily identify items that you don't need, don't want or don't care about. This may be a room that is designated as your "stash and dash" room. (Almost everyone admitted to having one of these rooms). This is where items are stashed when you know that company is coming over - with the intention that you will get back to it later.  #Honestly!

  • Close your eyes and create a vision of your new space. Almost everyone envisioned their new homes to be clutter free - with the minimal amount of furniture that they need to function on a daily basis. 

  • To get it all done - plan ahead as much as possible. One person (who came to my Time Management class) said that she had a 6,000+ square foot house and will be downsizing to about 1/3 of the space within the next 5 years. My first comment was, "Awesome"! You are planning ahead. Now is the are making the right decision. But I could how overwhelmed she was by the expression on her face. Her huge house is packed with furniture and "stuff". So we talked about where to consign items, where to sell items, how to make a decision about where to eliminate items, who will pick up larger items that you want to donate and how to make all of these decisions.

Downsizing is not just for the elderly who are moving into assisted living or a nursing home. It is for the baby boomer generation who bought one of those "mansions" about 8-10 years ago (because that was what everyone was doing). They are tired of having to maintain the home, tired of walking up and down the steps for everything and most of all...they just want a simpler and stress-free life. 

Downsizing will help you create the life that you want and deserve. #simplelife #minimalistic 


Linda's passion is to help you live a comfortable life - without clutter, stress and drama. Since 2007 she has been organizing homes and offices to help create functional spaces.

For more information about how you can get organized, visit her website @ 

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About Linda

As an Organizing Consultant and Coach, mom and grandmom, Linda has found answers to the struggles that "moms" deal with every day. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or work outside the home, you are usually the hub of the household. Linda will be sharing organizing tips, tools, techniques, support and motivation to help you enjoy each day to the fullest. Life doesn't have to be chaotic. Your can choose to be organized. You can read more about Linda and her services at

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