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I started dreaming up ideas of how to keep myself and the boys occupied during spring break back in early February. I was going to make a play date with one of G's school buddies. I was going to make a play date with friends from back home to get our kids together (but really it was an excuse for me to see my friends). I was going to drop the boys off at Granma's for a day so I could catch up on blogging and Climb Out of the Darkness emails.

We had two months of various doctor and therapy appointments for L planned around G's school schedule. On top of that we had been battling various viruses and sinus infections. Sure, I had moments where I could have sent emails and texts to make plans, but I kept putting it off because I just didn't feel like it.

And then spring break arrived and I realized I had almost an entire week with nothing on the calendar. I embraced the empty space and saw it as an opportunity to take our time doing fun things instead of feeling rushed to get somewhere on time.

But first we had to get through Easter weekend. This was also G's birthday weekend and my first taste of what it is like to have a child whose birthday sometimes falls on a holiday. We spent Saturday at my in-laws playing with the new toys G's grandparents and aunt gave him and ate a yummy Easter dinner. Sunday was spent at home hunting Easter eggs, dying hard boiled eggs, and playing with more toys from both the Easter Bunny and my side of the family for G's birthday.

The weather was beautiful that Monday, so I packed the boys a snack and we went to Old Mill Park to do a little more planning for June's Climb Out of the Darkness. I wanted to see what the pavilions were like and gauge what was around the half-mile mark from the park on the Heritage Trail. I was pleased that this mark has the potential to do a little something special I have planned.

At Old Mill Park

The good weather stuck around, which meant lots of time in the back yard running around, pulling weeds, and swinging.


We planted some seeds and watch them grow. (Now I just need it to get warmer so I can plant them outside!)


My parents came down for a visit. They were sweet enough to gift us family passes to the Children's Museum so as a thank-you I used the two free passes we received with our membership and let them see what it was like. I was thankful to have two more sets of eyes on G and L because neither of them wanted to stay in the same place at the same time.

We went from the Children's Museum to Mason-Dixon Cafe. I've been wanting to try this restaurant for months and it was worth the wait; I had a very delicious black bean/veggie burger. My mom seems to be a sucker for ice cream lately, so we went to Carl's right after.

G giving L a taste of his frozen custard

I ended the week by getting away for a night completely alone, which was a strange feeling. If the boys aren't with me, my husband is. And if my husband isn't, one of the kids is. This was the first time I didn't run out the door thinking, "YAY! I'm FREE!" I actually felt a little sad not being with any of them for the first time in 4 years.

The feeling mostly stuck with me for the drive to my parent's. After dropping off my overnight bag and visiting with them, I went to dinner with friends before attending the evening show of the Atlantic Pole Championship. It wasn't the most amazing pole championship I've seen before, but it was good enough to re-energize my interest in pole dancing and learning tricks.


The next morning I made a stop on the way back home to have breakfast with one of my best friends from college. I had the best bacon and egg bagel I'd ever eaten. I'm STILL thinking about it over a week later!

How did you spend your spring break?

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