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I was looking forward to the area’s largest consignment sale – Weecycled Wardrobe -- last weekend. G needed clothes for the warmer weather and somehow L had an abundance of shorts handed down from G, but no shirts.

I found enough clothes to see G through the spring and summer, but finding shirts for L was a bust. Toys were actually the jackpot of this sale for us. On the day consigners could shop early, I took both boys with me, which was a huge deal for me. Crowds + me alone with my kids makes my anxiety spike. The only reason for going on this day was so I could find a double jogging stroller. 

Unfortunately, the ones I wanted were claimed so we headed to the toys. The deal was, if they were good for me as I looked at strollers we could walk around the toy section to look for Legos. I knew we'd be coming back in two days with my parents and the boys would sucker them into buying toys so I tried to get them in and out of that section quickly. We did find a few Lego Duplo items and I decided to snatch those up. I bought a large bag of them and a (what appeared to be new) box of Lego Duplos. These were a huge hit when we got home – especially because the large bag contained a Buzz Lightyear figure and a Percy train. I was disappointed when I realized the Legos in the box were NOT what was pictured or described on the tag, but the boys didn’t notice, nor did they care.

When we went back two days later, I shopped for clothes while the boys looked at toys with their grandparents. Both of them found a toy under $5 they fell in love with. Our best deal was probably this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle race kit that was $20. I was extremely wary of what was in the box, but despite it being banged up, the tape looked original (when I rechecked the Lego box, it was clear it had been re-taped). A quick online search told me the set retailed at $39.99, so $20 wasn't bad – if it had its pieces.

I carefully peeled back the tape to open it up and discovered that everything was still in its original packaging. G, who is a huge TMNT fan at the moment, knew that if I didn't get it RIGHT NOW it would be gone forever. I didn't think it was fair to get him a $20 toy and his brother a $4 one.  His birthday was in a week, so I told him we'd get it but he wouldn't receive it until his birthday this weekend.


He’s spent the week sitting in our closet (were I'm keeping it for now), telling his little brother, “I can’t have this until my birthday so we can only look at it right now.”

On our way to the check out linet, the boys stopped in their tracks at the Cool Cat Cupcakes table. I was extremely excited to see they are nut-free, especially because L’s peanut allergy level hasn't changed. We went home with their vanilla, chocolate with vanilla frosting, chocolate espresso, and chocolate vanilla cream filled cupcakes. They were my personal favorite purchase at the sale.

Espresso is not a flavor I typically go for, but this cupcake was great. It had mini-chocolate chips in the cake which I wasn't expecting, but was a nice surprise. The boys ate the chocolate with vanilla cupcake before I could take a picture of it -- but they ate it all which means it was good.


The vanilla cupcake tasted like a sugar cookie, and the chocolate vanilla cream filled one tasted just like the mass produced Hostess cupcakes. At least that’s what I gathered from the one bite I took out of it. L swiped the rest of it off the counter while I was trying to get our last fire of the season going on Monday. I may or may not still be bitter about missing out on the rest of that cupcake. From what I gathered, L would give it an A+.

Did you shop at Weecycled Wardrobe last weekend? Did you come home with any great finds? 

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Emma is married to her high school sweetheart and is a stay at home mom of two boys: G and L. A wanna-be professional writer and photographer, she can often be found following her boys around with a camera. When she isn’t chasing after her kids, Emma writes about her motherhood journey on her personal blog, Muddy Boots and Diamonds.

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