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The week before Christmas, I received a call from our insurance company informing me that my car had officially been deemed totaled from the accident I was in before Thanksgiving. It was news I didn’t really want to hear because a totaled car meant getting a newer one, and mostly likely a car payment along with it. My car had problems and we knew we needed to start looking for a larger family car in the near future -- I just wasn’t ready for that future to come so soon.

When I cleaned out my old car, I forgot all about the CD G insisted we listen to every time we were in the car. He called it his “ABC music.” I called it torture. It was actually a CD that came with the Fisher Price Love to Play Puppy he received on his first Christmas. This CD played nearly every song the Laugh and Learn toys play. I hated it, but it kept G calm and entertained during car rides (he doesn’t like being still for too long.)

I wasn’t the least bit upset when I realized I didn’t bother checking the CD player before telling my insurance company they could have my car. (Well, okay, I wasn’t upset once I confirmed that my CDs were accounted for.)

Surprisingly, G wasn’t too fazed either, but I think that’s because Christmas was around the corner and he learned to enjoy listening to the radio station that was playing Christmas music 24/7 at the time. By the time Christmas was over, we were enjoying our winter break, mostly at home. Then we bought a new car.

I love our new car, and even more I love that I’m getting to try SiriusXM for three months. I’ve listened to a few stations, but the one that gets used the most is Kids Place Live.

I’ve been happy with a mix of older songs (like the ones I remember from Sesame Street or The Muppet Show) and newer ones sung by people and bands that aren’t showcased on PBS Kids or Sprout (the two networks we watch most).

Children's Songs for your Playlist.jpg

We won’t be continuing our Sirius subscription when the trial is over and I can already tell I will miss this station. In the meantime, I’m using it to my advantage to keep a list of songs to add to a playlist I have on my phone with kid-appropriate songs for the boys to listen to – ones that I don’t mind getting stuck in my head.

If you’re looking for songs to add to your kid-friendly playlist, here are a few I’ve added to mine:

Steven Tyler: I love Trash

Joel Henriques: Lightspeed (for the Star Wars Fan)

Steve Goodie: Harry Sings His Tragedy (for the Harry Potter fan.)

Michael Buble: Spider-Man Theme

Vanilla Ice: Ninja Rap

Annette Funichello: Pineapple Princess (a true oldie)

Jonathan Coulton: The Princess Who Saved Herself

… and if you aren’t grossed out by bodily functions:

Randy Kaplan: Everybody Farts

Randy Kaplan: Follow Your Nose

What children’s songs have you enjoyed listening to with (or without) your kids?


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