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My family woke up much earlier than they wanted to on Thanksgiving so they could provide moral support from the side lines as I ran the annual Turkey Trot 5K.

Shorter days and colder mornings have put a damper on my willingness to go for runs lately, but that didn’t stop me from registering. It did make me nervous about how well I would do though. When I participated in the Color Rush 5K I was running about three times a week and I completed the race in about 40 minutes. When the Turkey Trot arrived, I hadn’t run in nearly a month. I had no idea how long it would take me to run 3.1069 miles but I was aiming for under 45 minutes.

When I registered for the 5K, I decided to register G for the ½ Mile Trot in hopes that running or walking that with him would give me a decent warm up. He kept saying he didn’t want to run a race, but we cajoled him into it. When he and I realized we were being chased by grown men dressed as turkeys the race turned into more of a game for G. He was insistent on beating the turkeys and ended up running the majority of the ½ mile. He’s three, so my cup of pride and joy was overflowing for him when we crossed the finish line.


It turned out that running the ½ mile with G was a perfect way for me to warm up, so I’ll be trying to do something like that again whenever I register for another 5K. The medal he received at the end might make him more willing to run short races with me in the future (assuming he'll get a prize for participating).


There were parts of the 5K course I was familiar with and parts that had me thinking, Where in the heck am I? But overall it was lovely. I especially loved running through downtown Fredericksburg. I had to walk part of that section of the course because of a hill on Williams street (I’m not a good hill runner). If I wasn’t trying to keep my completion time at 45 minutes I would have walked the entire section that ran through downtown.

My favorite part was getting cheered on by two little kids standing outside their house waving to all of the runners. They had a radio (or boom box?) on their porch playing something motivational to keep us going. All the people sitting on porches or standing on the side of the roach waving and cheering us on warmed my heart, but this particular house was my favorite.


I felt like I should have been halfway through the race by the time I reached the first mile marker. I was surprised that the timer said I finished in about 46 minutes and even more surprised that my official results stated I finished in 35. (My husband said the timer had been running since the first wave of runners crossed the finish line, so that explains the 11 minute difference.)

I’m not sure my husband is interested in making the Turkey Trot an annual Thanksgiving tradition, but I’m certainly looking forward to running again at some point in the future.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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