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May seems like such a long time ago. I was stressing over the lack of “me” time I would have when G would be home from school. I needed those two hours twice a week. L slept during that time and I was able to keep up with blogging, emails... It's how I was able to organize my Climb Out of the Darkness fundraiser/event. I was able to drink a hot cup of coffee and eat a cookie without being sneaky about it.

There was an adjustment period, I won't lie. It took a while for G to be excited at the idea of going to school. After a couple of teacher changes and missed days due to inclement weather, G was just beginning to enjoy school a few weeks before summer break was to start. The first few weeks of summer was rough. He wanted to go and do crafts and see his friends. I wanted him to go so I could drink a cup of coffee in quiet.

But we survived. I enrolled him in swim class and soccer to keep us somewhat busy. Soccer has been the most exciting for us because he has class with one of his friends from school. He gets to play and I get to talk with his friend’s mom just like I would in line at preschool (at least when I’m not chasing a tired, cranky L around the Field House).

Now July is coming to an end (where did this month go!?) and it’s dawned on me that in about a month I will be taking G to meet his new teachers. Then I’ll be taking him to school 2-3 times a week (I’m hoping three; we’re on a wait list). L still naps twice a day, so I might get to finish a cup of coffee and bask in quietness.

But instead of jumping for joy like I was this time last year, I find myself feeling a little bummed. Yes, things fell by the wayside this summer because I found it harder to find time to get my to-do list done with my three year old wanting my attention during his brother’s nap time. Yes, I want to give more attention to blogging and actually emailing people back when they send me a message. Yes, I want to drink a cup of coffee in peace and quiet, and not hide in the bathroom when I want to eat a brownie. But I liked having getting to spend that time with G. He needs that one-on-one time with me and I need it with him. It is harder to find that time when he’s at school.

I have no doubt that we’ll go through another adjustment period when school starts in September. A new routine, new teachers, new classmates, and a new classroom will do that. I’m sure we’ll figure out how to fit in Mommy-G time during that period as well.

But this bummed out feeling? It’s totally taken me by surprise. I think it’s dawning on me that G is growing up. He’s turning into a Big Kid, and there isn’t anything I can do to stop that.


Last year I may have done a little dance after I dropped G off for his first day of school. This year, I might cry the entire drive home. 

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Emma is married to her high school sweetheart and is a stay at home mom of two boys: G and L. A wanna-be professional writer and photographer, she can often be found following her boys around with a camera. When she isn’t chasing after her kids, Emma writes about her motherhood journey on her personal blog, Muddy Boots and Diamonds.

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