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48 Hours

48 hours




Imagine for a moment that you are responsible for no one but yourself.  Yes, you heard me right!  No kids, no job, and no one needing your attention.  You are able to take off and do anything that brings you joy and you have 2,880 minutes in which to do it. You’ve just been given two whole days to yourself - 48 hours to spend as you please!  Are you excited just thinking about it?  I know I am! How would you fill that time?  What would you absolutely have to do?


As women, we often give so much of ourselves to our families, friends and careers that we forget to relax and take some time for us.  Maybe it is due to guilt, or maybe we just get so caught up in our busy lives that we don’t do things that bring us happiness.  Whatever the case may be, I want you to take a moment and dream about how you could take two days to discover yourself and allow a break from the madness of life.

Often I find myself feeling hurried and a little overwhelmed towards the end of my week as I try to juggle family and work life.  I always have many circumstances to give attention to, and sometimes I just want to run in the other direction, instead of tackling whatever task is at hand.  The phrase, “Wanna get away?” runs through my mind…I recently asked my family what they would do with some time to themselves.  Here is what they had to say:

            “I’d like to have fun enjoying life.  I would spend money on experiences. I’d meet and greet new people.”

            “I would go to Bora Bora and live in a hut.  I’d get sushi, crabs, and shrimp kabobs.  I’d swim in the water and then sleep.”

            “I’d explore a tropical island by myself.  After the 48 hours were up, I’d accidentally forget to get back on the helicopter that came to pick me up!”

            “I would probably play a lot of basketball and video games!”

I love how each family member had something different to say about the way they would choose to spend the time they were given  It just goes to show you that we all need some personal time to enjoy the things in life that matter to us.

For me, the best way I can think to spend 48 hours would be near the ocean.  I would grab a book, a notepad and pen, tons of water and head for the beach.  Getting lost in the sound of the waves and seeing the vastness of the horizon would instantly bring me peace and joy.  Just thinking about it makes me smile!  I’m sure after the two days were up I wouldn’t want to leave!


Back to you: how can you see yourself spending a couple of days alone? 


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Comforting Mother's Day Memories


It amazes me how God cares so much about us. He sends just what we need, often at unexpected moments. His timing, however, is always perfect. As Mother’s Day approaches, I am reminded of just how much my mom means to me. This morning, I enjoy how the sunlight streams through the window and dances across the kitchen floor. The house is quiet and I am deep in thought. Being at home during the day is a blessing to me. I am so grateful for the chance to read, catch up on chores, and get the house in order.


I pull a blue cloth and a spray container out from under the kitchen sink. Squeezing the trigger on the bottle sends a mist of liquid onto the rag in my hand. Lavender scent fills the air. Instantly, tears well up in my eyes and thoughts flood my mind. Her smile, gentle touch, delicious food she prepared, knowledge about nature, deep love for her family and several other meaningful memories bring warmth to my soul.



I will never forget the story I was told about my mother’s last night here on earth. Bedridden and under Hospice care, my sweet mom had reached the end of her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Thankfully, she was able to live in her home, being cared for by my oldest sister. The evening before she passed away, a kindhearted nurse came to her bedside and bathed her. Softly the woman sang to my mother as she gently wiped her skin with lavender oil. I remember my sister telling me that it brought her to tears to watch this exchange of love and compassion.



I know this morning was a gift from the Lord, because He knows how much I miss my mom. I know she is restored and with her Savior. I am grateful for His promises and His Word. Truly I was comforted with beautiful thoughts of my mommy as I cleaned and became refreshed with the sweet smell of lavender. I’ve decided to celebrate the love I received from my dear mommy on this Mother’s Day. Although she isn’t physically here with me, I feel her in my heart and know she loves me! What memories do you cherish when thinking about your family?



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Making a difference...

Making a difference…

Just recently, I came home after working a 9 hour day. Tired, hungry and simply wanting to collapse on the couch was exactly how I was feeling. Instead of giving in to the thoughts in my head telling me to crash, I began making dinner and tidying up a little while it was cooking. I also checked some emails and started a load of laundry. All this got done, of course, while my husband was on the computer and my daughter chilled out upstairs in her room, probably on her phone…neither of them noticing a bit of my effort.

Do you feel as though what you do each day isn’t noticed or appreciated? Making dinner, doing laundry (including folding it and putting it away –LOL!), changing the air filters, paying bills, grocery shopping, chauffeuring the kids, running errands, keeping the cabinets organized, and scrubbing the shower for the millionth time is enough to make you go nuts. Since much of what we do is undone so quickly, it tends to look like we never did it to begin with.


The time has come to let go of the need to feel like you must do everything perfectly, for everyone, every day. You are one person who is making a difference, even if it doesn’t seem like it. When you feel drained and empty, maybe even invisible, please know that you still matter. What you are doing is significant. Even if no one thanks you, the fact still remains - You are marvelous! It takes skill to juggle all that life throws at you, especially day in and day out. Sometimes there is no break which can be very tiring. Whether you believe it or not, and I sure hope you do, you matter! Each and every time you pick that pair of shoes up off the floor or wipe that counter, sticky from the PB&J sandwich you made for your kiddo, you are making a difference. Trust me!


That same evening, after praying with my daughter and telling her goodnight, she gave me a huge bear hug and smiled as she said, “I love you, mom!” That gesture, my friends, erased all the exhaustion from me and gave me just what I needed to realize how I am able to keep going each day! I encourage you to persevere in doing all that you can with what you have for those you love. All that you do is so important to those close to you. They do realize your worth and truly appreciate it, even if they don’t say it out loud each day.

Your ability to hold things together, even though you are exhausted, is truly admirable. That shows how you love your family deeply, and from the heart. What drives you and gives you the focus needed to keep plugging along day after day? From where do you draw your strength? I suggest taking time each day to reflect on how meaningful your role is within your family. Understand that your commitment to them is vital. Refuel yourself through prayer, meditation and quiet moments to replenish all you lovingly give away. It is being received and your efforts are not in vain. I’m cheering you on! You can do it!





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Busy, yet thankful...

Is this you? Rush, rush, rush. School, errands, work, sports, church! As parents, we are often hurried, rushing to and from our countless obligations.  Some days are busier than others, but most of the time we are trying to get from point A to point B quickly so that we will be ready for what’s coming next.  I am making a conscious effort to find thanks even in the midst of a life that all too-often has me on the move.

How do I do this? Well, some days it’s easier than others, that’s for sure! One thing I make a point of doing is to purposefully wake up earlier than I need to each day so that I have quality time to spend in prayer.  It is a great way for me to prepare my mind and spirit for all that my day will hold.  Instead of getting frustrated or irritated when I am moving through the many things that need my attention, I can recall the powerful words I’ve read and thank God for what comes my way.


Running late in the morning? Stuck in traffic? Waiting in line again at Wal-Mart?  Most of the time you’ll see that the only thing you can change about the situation you’re in is your attitude. Instead of letting it get you down, try taking a deep breath and think of three things you are grateful for. Can’t come up with three at that frustrating moment? Try for two or even one!  Once you start, you’ll find it will become easier and easier to keep a thankful mindset.  Use the moments of your day to see how blessed you are to have places to go and people to see!

Some days can feel overwhelming – trust me I’ve been there!  I do still have times where I’m not in a positive frame of mind. They become few and far in between, however, as I make time to recall the many reasons I am thankful.  Try it today and see how it feels!  I guarantee it beats complaining and letting life drag you down.


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Hurry up and wait...

I’m awful at waiting. Horrible, actually. As I wait for answers, my mind goes a mile a minute, playing out various scenarios in hopes of figuring out what is going to come of the situation. Occasionally, if I am waiting for someone to do something for me, I’ll just do it myself because they haven’t done it fast enough!
Instead of patiently letting time pass until I receive a resolution, I prefer to juggle ideas around, often worrying when there is no reason to! Silly, I know, but true. Exactly how much brain power am I wasting with this inability to wait?

Many people tell me that I’m one of the most patient people they know. I guess that means that I must be good at hiding how I really feel! I can definitely improve in several areas. The main one is getting my children to finish a chore, and giving them enough time to complete it. “Clean your room,” I say, obviously meaning right then as I am asking them. They perceive it as, “oh, I better get this done within 2 weeks!” Don’t get me wrong, my kids are fabulous and I can’t say I have problems with them doing what I ask, it’s just that sometimes it seems to take them f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish and it drives me nuts!


Another thing that causes my impatience level to rise is getting laundry done. Are you with me? It’s like the job that never ends…it just goes on and on, my friends! My children do their own laundry (unless I’m feeling particularly helpful and switch loads or throw one of theirs in with a small one of mine) and I’m grateful for that. All I ask is that it actually makes it into the drawers in their rooms instead of staying in the dryer, in the basket of clean clothes, or in a heap on the floor at the end of their bed. Maybe if they could just finish it by folding it and putting it away I wouldn’t cringe!

As I am writing this, it strikes me that maybe it isn’t the waiting that I struggle with as much as it is the need to control the way others complete a task. Either way, I’m sure I would save myself a lot of unnecessary irritation if I could just wait patiently for things to get done.



I need to relinquish the need to be the regulator of the universe and everything in it. I’m sure that will free my mind up for some amazing undertaking that could actually benefit others. I wonder how long that will take?

What makes you bonkers? How do you deal with it?


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About Tammy


I am a happily married mommy of three, who is living my life in hopes of making a positive difference in the world. I will share my ups and downs with you all to encourage and support you along your journey.  Live with purpose, and choose joy!

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