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“Just bring yourself,” she said. Hmmmmm…an invitation for me to go to the beach for a long weekend? With nothing to think about except what time I want to go walk along the edge of where the sand meets the sea? Just the thought of listening to the sounds of the ocean breeze was enough to convince me. The fact that my big sis was the one inviting me was the icing on the cake!

Our first stop was at a convenience store to gas up and take a bathroom break. They just happened to be renovating their restrooms, of course, so we had to use a makeshift bathroom located adjacent to the building. It looked like an old school trailer! After you used it, you had to lift up on a pedal to fill the toilet bowl, and then press it down to flush. Mine wouldn’t work and we were laughing hysterically while trying to help each other figure the whole thing out. This was a great indicator of how much fun we were about to have on our little trip together. We figured a “trailer weird flushing toilet selfie” was mandatory to start things off.


We arrived in Myrtle Beach around 1 a.m. It was a nice surprise to hear the ocean when I stepped out of the car! The house we stayed in was not oceanfront, but the fact that all we had to do was walk down the street to have our toes in the sand was a blessing!


My sister is an Activity Director in an Assisted Living facility in Virginia. She had plans to visit another one in Wilmington, N.C., so we drove up there on Friday morning. After touring that place with her, and meeting the fabulous staff and residents, we headed back towards the place we were staying. On the way, we made an impromptu stop to tour the USS North Carolina. Honestly, I am not a big history/military buff, but going aboard that ship was a great experience! I thought we would just be walking on the deck, reading plaques about the history of the ship. Before I knew it, we were heading below deck to get a real feel for how the crew members lived, worked and experienced life aboard such a massive vessel.

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It’s funny because I am a control freak, as I’m sure you know if you’ve read any of my other posts. I like to plan stuff, and if I’m unsure about what is coming next I feel a little uncomfortable and out of sorts. Okay, a lotta bit–haha! Interestingly enough, I didn’t have that feeling this weekend. I just went with it, and truly enjoyed myself. Knowing that our brother lived close by to where we were staying, and that my best friend from high school was also in the area, gave me hope that we would be able to see them as well. I wasn’t sure about the details, but figured if it was meant to be, it would happen!
Thankfully, we were able to visit our big brother, who has lived in Myrtle Beach for years. We went to his house and spent several hours with him and his wife on Saturday. We enjoyed a magnificent lunch that they prepared, followed by delicious cheesecake to celebrate my sister’s birthday, which was on the following day. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together! There isn’t much more precious than quality family time. I love this shot of my sister, making a wish before she blew out her candle!


After we finished eating and reminiscing, our brother drove us to an old Air Force base close to his house, and we got a quick lesson on some of the aircraft that we came across as we walked and observed a memorial. He and my sister spent time serving in the Air Force, so it was cool to hear my brother’s expertise on different facts about the planes.


Remember that I mentioned my best friend living in the same area that we were visiting? Turns out that she worked about 5 minutes from my brothers’ house! She had no idea that I was at the beach, and I wanted to keep it that way, so I texted her to see if she was working that weekend. I told her I needed to talk with her about something important, and asked what time would be best to call her. She replied that she would be done working at 3:30, so any time after that would be fine. Bwahahaha…little did she know we were headed her way! The plaza she works in is somewhere that my brother takes his granddaughters to almost every weekend, so he knew exactly where it was. God is good – our plan was perfect! I walked in to her store and spotted her right away. She was glancing around, seeing if any customers needed help, and her eyes caught mine. She looked away, and then whipped her head back around, covered her mouth wide-eyed and in disbelief and said, “What are you doing here??? You don’t belong here!” It was great! Surprise, my friend! I am so grateful that she came by the beach house that night, and we talked until after midnight, trying to play catch up with each other’s lives. What a blessing to have had that time with her…


My sister and I got word while down in South Carolina that our niece gave birth to her third baby. He decided to take a nice gulp of amniotic fluid as he entered this world, so he needed some time in the NICU to recuperate. We made his name in the sand out of shells, and said a prayer for him as we walked along the beach, hoping that he would be home with his family soon. Welcome to the world little one! We can’t wait to meet you in person!

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I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to have spent a weekend in Myrtle Beach. The sun, sand, and sea filled me with joy and peace. I was able to rest and release all that was on my mind for a few days. I am most appreciative of the quality time with my sister. She is full of wisdom, knowledge and humor and I am so glad we were able to share stories, uplift each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. She knew I needed a break, and she provided me with the perfect one. I’m thankful for the sweet friend of hers that allowed us to stay with her, and I’m giving God glory because He worked out each and every detail of this trip to make it the perfect getaway! Thanks for the memories sweet sister Tina, and Myrtle Beach! Until next time…

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