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Living Purposefully

As another year is in full swing, I’m compelled to join in on the “make a resolution list” like everyone else. I think of the many ways I would like to improve myself, and set some goals for the coming year. Except oooops, I never do that! Follow through is my downfall, even though I mean well with wanting to actually do things.

Instead, I count my blessings and plug along where I am. The top of my list of course is my faith, family, and friends, because those are the most important of all. Beyond the abovementioned obvious ones, I’d like to tell you about some other simple blessings that bring me joy.

Time alone with my husband…I feel lately as though we don’t have much time alone to spend with each other. I definitely hope that improves this year…Between work, commitments, family events and life in general, he and I rarely take time to be alone. We make the best of the moments we do have together, and that makes me super happy!


My morning cup of tea…since I gave up coffee months ago, (I know, it’s insane – people think I’m crazy!) tea has been my choice first thing in the morning. Coffee is gone, not really because I wanted it to be, but I felt like I was frequently getting headaches and having afternoon slumps. I decided to start there to see if it made an impact. It did, and I feel great! Sometimes when I smell a fresh cup being brewed it almost brings me to tears though, because the fragrance envelops my senses and draws me in. However, I am definitely feeling better since giving it up, so tea it is!

The Ellen Show…I can’t say there is one specific thing that I like about her show, but Ellen makes me smile. And cry. And think about how I’m living my life. She compels me to care more, and to give what I can to others. She’s hilarious and truly seems to enjoy blessing other people. My goal this year is to go on her show. I just want to dance to Bust A Move by Young MC with her. I don’t need to be on stage; dancing in the audience as she passes by will suffice! :)

Receiving texts from my kids…when my phone alerts me to a new text, a smile instantly erupts when it’s one of my kiddos. I especially find joy in hearing from my boys, since they are both away at college. I don’t ever want to be that stalker mom, annoying them with a ton of texts each day; however, I do really love communicating with them in this way. It is comforting to have the ability to contact my daughter too, especially checking in with her to see how her day at school went. Sometimes thoughts hit you at various times of day where a phone call just can’t happen, so it’s nice to have the texting option.




Chocolate…in pretty much any shape or form. Period. I love it. Just thinking about having it to eat lifts my spirits and gives me an overall satisfaction and happiness.

Working at my new job…I love what I do! I’m a Rehab Tech, and the many duties I have each day fit my personality and my obsessive compulsiveness. I like things to be neat and organized, so keeping our therapy center clean and in order is so satisfying! My manager is a great leader, and I work with amazing women who are fabulous therapists.  Our whole team is committed to excellence, I admire my coworkers greatly. I am learning a lot, and often get to help them in their sessions of physical, occupational and speech therapy with pediatric patients. It can be challenging at times, but is also extremely rewarding.

Leggings and big sweaters/sweatshirts…is there a much more relaxing thing to do than to come home after a long day and strip down into a cozy pair of leggings combined with a warm, fuzzy top to embrace you? Ahhhhhh the comforts of easy going fabric that expands just where it needs to allowing complete lazy, release from confining clothes!

The couch…stretching out on the couch with my comfy clothes on, a big blanket positioned over me, and my favorite reading material in hand is the perfect way to relax. And nap. Lol

What are some of your blessings and favorite ways to bring in the new year? I hope that you make the most of your 2016 in whatever way works for you! Happy New Year!




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About Tammy


I am a happily married mommy of three, who is living my life in hopes of making a positive difference in the world. I will share my ups and downs with you all to encourage and support you along your journey.  Live with purpose, and choose joy!

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