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Please, Men, Surrender….just let go of the fact that you think you know how we feel. Just for the record, PMS is not simply a woman’s monthly excuse to act like a maniac. The syndrome is legit, and in case you think I’m making it up, here is a little supportive material to explain what I mean.

You know that feeling when you get the “bubbly” in your belly? Maybe you ate something bad, or have the stomach flu and your abdomen is cramping intermittently. Go ahead and multiply that x5 for a tiny glimpse of how many of us (women/girls) feel each month. Combine that with having a substance oozing out of you for days, or, unfortunately for some, a week or more. Grossed out? Yeah, tell me about it! It’s enough to make one a wee little bit cranky….


Have you ever experienced every emotion within a 5 minute span? Try a nice hormonal episode like getting on Facebook for a few minutes. First you’re happy and cheering on that friend who just got a new job, won the lottery or got some new gadget they are excited about. You keep scrolling and bam, you come across a video of some child who just heard their parent’s voice for the first time and now you’re bawling your eyes out because you are so touched by the story. Suddenly you read a post from a friend that causes you to question their moral compass, and you are now distraught and angry. You pause for a moment and wonder next about yourself. “Am I being too judg-y? Does my friend need my help, not my anger? Your head is spinning! Enough of the computer, it’s time to move on.

Next, you walk into the kitchen to make some dinner only to find dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs on the counter. Now you can actually feel steam coming out of your ears, and your heart is beating fast. Must you have a uterus to know how to pick up after yourself? I think not, yet it happens all the time! Now you are irritated and feel angry that first you have to clean up before you can begin meal prep, so you start wiping things off, and loudly placing items on the counter and shoving them noisily into the cabinets. The only cure is to immediately eat everything within your reach. A handful of chocolate chips? Yes, please! 14 graham crackers? Sure, why not! Half a bag of chips? ALL the cookies? Okay!


After creating a lovely meal for your darling family, you feel the fatigue tugging at you. Your legs are sluggish, and you begin yawning and hear the couch calling your name. You’re so tired from working all day and preparing dinner that you just want to curl up in a ball and take a nap right on the kitchen floor. Just then the phone rings and it’s a company reminding you of your appointment the next day, which of course you’ve forgotten because PMS destroys brain cells!

Are you getting the picture yet? I guarantee you that this is the real deal. Instead of dismissing it, or arguing about who is right, why not spend the time now to try and understand why we feel the way we do? Our bodies are in an upheaval, ridding us of unneeded inside parts. We have physical and emotional changes happening while we’re dealing with the everyday stressors of life. A little empathy and a hug will go such a long way. It will make us feel so much better which in turn will benefit you in the long run. Let’s simply end the PMS wars, shall we??


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About Tammy


I am a happily married mommy of three, who is living my life in hopes of making a positive difference in the world. I will share my ups and downs with you all to encourage and support you along your journey.  Live with purpose, and choose joy!

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