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I just love it when…

There is a big joke between me and my children and it cracks me up every time I think about it.  Whenever we are all together as a family, it fills me with joy and I inevitably end up saying, “I just love it when we’re all here together!”   The kids predict it and will say it before I do sometimes!  Eyes roll, giggles ensue and we are all laughing afterwards.

Spending time with them is as precious to me now as it was when they were little.  Now that I have 2 in college and a third in 8th grade, the time we have together is much different.  It’s still meaningful, but getting everyone in the same room for any measurable amount of time can be a challenge.  Between school, work, and other commitments, it takes some planning.

When the boys are home from college for their breaks, I am in heaven!  Just being able to see their faces each day is a gift to me.  Watching them interact with their sister is wonderful.  The laughter, joking around and sharing of stories is great to see. I often wish I could just freeze time for a short while.  I want to take it all in and often find myself recalling what makes each of them so special to me.




My oldest son has a sense of humor that has me laughing hysterically all the time.  When I need to be cheered up, he delivers!  I can rely on him texting me back right away which I appreciate so much, especially when he is away from home.  I can always count on him to give me a huge smile and a hug, followed by the sweet words, “I love you, ma!” He is a hard worker and always expresses his gratitude for the little things I do for him.

My middle son is so helpful and has a knack for cooking up something great in the kitchen when I’m at a loss for ideas.  He has a compassionate heart, and I love to hear him singing around the house!  His knowledge and insight is apparent as we discuss different topics together.  He is kind hearted and understanding, and his hugs give me a boost when I’m in need.

Creative and funny, my daughter gives great bear hugs and knows how to bring a smile to my face!  She puts up with my unending questions with grace and is able to encourage me when I’m feeling blue.  She has a fabulous laugh and knows how to liven up the room with her smile and personality.  Her caring nature is evident in the way she helps others.

I am fortunate to have a husband that allows me to be me.  He is supportive and has a great knack for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.  I know he probably tires of my inquisitiveness, but he allows me to ask away and talks with me about whatever is on my mind.  He is inventive, productive, handy, and has great musical talents.  I am thankful for him and the love he gives to me and our family.




How can I be so blessed?  My heart is filled to the brim… I thank God for giving me a devoted husband and three incredible kids that each bring a dimension of love and happiness to me.  The unique way they are able to use their gifts to bring delight to my life is immeasurable.  The positive effect it has on me is amazing! 

How does your family impact your life?  I encourage you to spend some time reflecting on your blessings today!

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About Tammy


I am a happily married mommy of three, who is living my life in hopes of making a positive difference in the world. I will share my ups and downs with you all to encourage and support you along your journey.  Live with purpose, and choose joy!

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