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Guests and Ghosts

Guest bloggers ... ghostwriters ... It's like Forest's box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get!
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Write Like a Pro: Five Writing Tips for Bloggers

Are you thinking about blogging, but not sure where to begin? Looking to improve the reach of your blog and need a little advice? I've been at this blogging gig four years and have learned a good deal (some of it the hard way!) that I'd like to share with you, starting with this simple thought: blogging is ultimately about sharing good content and developing relationships. Invite your reader into a great conversation, with the feel of having coffee with a friend. 

There are tips and tools of the trade that can make writing effective. Recently I've had some great opportunities to encourage new bloggers. So today, I'm sharing tips I've learned about writing that I wish I had known when I started.

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Selfie Safety for Teens

It's every celebrity's nightmare -- the invasion of privacy, once relegated to lunch date stalking and beach-lurking paparazzi, has now breached an even more private realm. Yes, I'm talking about Jennifer Lawrence, et al and the nude photos of other young female celebrities that were recently splashed all over the Internet, prompting discussions of mobile data security, feminism, and sexual crime.

CelebGate and Cyber-Security

"Celebgate" also brings up the prevalence of the "selfie" in a youth culture where taking pictures of yourself, whether suggestive or otherwise, happens without a second thought. Many selfies are provocative if only for the fact that they exist to impress or somehow positively influence the viewer in a way that may or may not be sexual.

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In Fredericksburg, Engineering for Kids provides a suite of programs and events for kids aged 4-14. “Subjects range from Electronic Game Design to Aerospace Engineering, Robotics to earth-friendly Environmental and Marine Engineering. Engineering For Kids is devoted to one sole purpose: to inspire the next generation of engineers.”