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Somehow I made it 40 years old and never heard of dermaplaning!?! Well thanks to my very knowledgeable esthetician Dina at Viva Med Spa, I got the run down on dermaplaning and why we need it. She told me that as we age (thank you hormones!) the peach fuzz on our face becomes thicker and more noticeable.

I personally never thought much about it but this summer my youngest asked me if I had a beard! I had a good tan so that blonde fuzz showed up more than usual but still....oh 40...come on! So, when Dina suggested dermaplaning for me, I jumped at the chance!

In a nut shell, dermaplaning is the removal of all that peach fuzz on our faces using a very small (and gentle!) surgical scalpel. Anything with the words "surgical scalpel" sounds a bit scary and crazy-especially when considering this is your FACE we are talking about, but it was anything but scary and crazy! The scalpel didn't hurt at all and it fact, it felt very relaxing! The end result was a VERY smooth face! I couldn't wait to go home and apply makeup on my brand new smooth face! The difference was amazing!

My appointment was in October and I wanted to wait a couple of months and see how it all grew back. I'm happy to report that the peach fuzz is only now starting to make a slow appearance back on my face. Another concern I had was the re-growth status. Dina assured me and she's been correct in my case, that the fuzz does NOT grow back even thicker. This is due to the way the scalpel removes the hair. It's not pulling from the root, just the surface.

In addition to dermaplaning, there are a host of wonderful treatments available at Viva Med Spa! Choose from a host of services to include exfoliation, peels, laser treatments, body contouring and yes even good old reliable facials! In fact, with Christmas right around the corner, a gift card would be a great idea!

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