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Guests and Ghosts

When Cosmetic Center by VIVA contacted Fred Parent to do a series of reviews, we all jumped at the chance to write one. Who wouldn’t want to be pampered? What I was expecting was a basic, relaxing facial. What I got was anything but basic. There was a surgical blade, guys. It was awesome...but I’m jumping ahead.


“We have you signed up for a dermaplaning. It’s one of of best sellers! You will love the results!” Is what I was told over the phone by a cheerful lady from ViIVA. I had no idea what dermaplaning was. “Dermaplaning an easy, effective procedure involving the use of a surgical blade. During this painless treatment, dead skin is removed from the epidermis, as well as vellus hair (peach fuzz).”


I’m not going to lie, that freaked me out. However, I am always down for trying new things, especially if they scare me a little bit.


Let me be the first to tell you, it was a fantastic experience and I’ve been encouraging all my friends to try it!


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The room at Cosmetic Center by VIVA was cozy and smelled like an upscale yoga studio, in the very best way. Dina Crowell is the Master Esthatician for VIVA. She is friendly and extreemly knowledgable.



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Dina Crowell, licensed Medical Master Aesthetician


As you can imagine I had lots of questions about dermaplaning, but also about another popular procedure they do a Viva: Body contouring. 


Cosmetic Center by VIVA offers two non-surgical body contouring procedures. These porcedures use a combination of ultrasound technology, bi-polar radiofrequency energy, infrared light, and vacuum technology for fat reduction, skin tightening, and body shaping.



I gave birth 3 times in 5 years, guys. This is on my radar big time.


Let’s get back to the blade, though.



The dermaplaning felt great and left no redness. Durning the procedure your face gets steamed and then a surgical blade is gently drawn over your skin. This removes a layer of dead skin and peach fuzz. Your face is left baby soft and your collegian stimulated. This encourages new cell growth and younger looking skin. Not to mention a fresh, dewy glow. After the planing, your face is doused generously with serums, massaged lymphatically, and sunscreened to its fullest potential. I was in heaven.



Because I love you, here's my make up free before...



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Here's my make up free after...



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If you are interested in dermaplaning or any other treatment, you MUST FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK THIS WEEK. @cosmeticcenterbyviva


Guys, Cosmetic Center by VIVA is doing a week of Black Friday deals and they are amazing. We totally support treating yourself this year and giving the gift of dermaplaning to someone you love.


Merry Christmas and happy shopping, from my fresh face to yours!


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