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Do you look in your closet and feel like an entire overhaul is necessary? Starting a project like this can seem a little intimidating. Some days, even mundane projects like folding and putting away that giant pile of laundry can seem a little daunting. But, eventually that pile gets to Guinness Book of World Record status and you must take action, or it very possibly will engulf one of the children... my current pile might have just giggled...

pile of laundry

So, what do you have, and what are you missing? You’ll want to start with some basics and simple wardrobe essentials. However, just because they are basics doesn't necessarily mean they should stay. I'm not going to tell you to do the KonMari thing (here’s a link that explains and hold each item to see if it brings you joy. (Sometimes a piece of clothing might really make you mad; maybe it's “that time of the month” and EVERYTHING makes you mad. Heck even my kids don't ALWAYS bring me joy. Hello long winter break. Oh, hey kale salad, you bring me no joy, away with you!).

Instead of focusing on whether a shirt or pair of pants brings you joy, consider if you wear the item a lot and if it fits well. Let's get to what I think are basics, and just a heads up, I will go into detail about where I find my favorite items in a future post.

• Shirts- A black and a white t-shirt and long sleeved shirt, a black and a white tank. Actually, you can add a grey and navy too. Solid color tops are versatile and neutrals can be paired with lots of things.

• Jeans- A good fitting pair of jeans in a cut that suits you. All of my jeans are skinny cut. I'm short, and at 5’2 ish, I like the option of being able to roll my jeans; boot cut, flare or straight leg styles aren’t easily rolled. Why roll your jeans? It beats hemming them! And that’s how you do it when you wear booties; roll the jeans to just over the top of the boot. Skinny jeans are also easier to tuck into tall boots.

• Dress pants, white button down shirt, blazer- I admit that I don't have a pair of dress pants or really a solid color button down shirt...and that's ok. I really don't have a need for these pieces (famous last words and yes I just jinxed myself.) In fact, I recently gave away my only pair of dress pants; they went the way of the kale... no joy.

• Pencil skirt- Oh, how I LOVE pencil skirts. They bring me lots of joy!! And, yes, I think you should have one (ahem 20...) in your closet. They are great to dress up or down. For starters, look for a dark colored one that hits at your knee or slightly below for the most versatile and flattering fit.

• Dress- And a dress, or even better, a little black dress! I have LOTS of dresses. You know that movie 27 Dresses where Katherine Heigl has all of her bridesmaids’ dresses stuffed into a closet?!? Like a secret hoard? That's me, no exaggeration. Seriously, though, have a good fitting black dress. It can easily be dressed up or down as needed (I will go into detail in another post devoted to dresses!)

•Jackets- Preferably a dark wash fitted denim jacket and my personal favorite, a black fitted faux leather jacket (I say faux only because that's my personal preference over real leather). If I had to pick one item from my closet as my absolute favorite it would be this faux leather jacket, hands down. I wear it all the time and it goes with everything. Faux leather and me... we’re besties.

jacket collage

• A Sweater and Cardigan- Yes, both. A cardigan being something that is open and it's great to wear over tops and dresses for an extra layer. I have way too many cardigans; they rival my dress collection. I'm starting to think I might have a problem... a stylish problem. I find that I wear my black cardigans the most, but it's also great to have fun colors, think red, blue or even mustard! Feeling adventurous (you go girl!)? Have a leopard pattern cardigan on hand; it's a neutral, albeit a fun and flirty neutral. Lightweight sweaters in neutral colors serve as a standalone top and also as an added layer

• Shoes- Yes you need them. Yes they should include a variety of heel and flat types and colors. Basics would include, a pair of black and nude heels, flats (consider a fun leopard print again), boots or booties (preferably both) and sandals (I'm not talking flip flops here). I’ll be honest; my shoe collection is 90% heels. I don't wear flats very often. That's me. I LOVE a good pair of heels or wedges. People often ask me how I walk in answer? I can't wink, but I can walk in 5” heels...everyone's different right? Talented in our own ways.

We're at the starting line: find your basics. Let's build on that. It's like I keep telling my son when he's trying to build a sky high tower out of blocks but it keeps toppling over... you must start with a strong base. That’s not to say that you will fall, heck’ve got this! You're looking fabulous alrea

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