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Guests and Ghosts

One of our bloggers came to me, well, emailed me, the other day with an interesting idea:

How about if Fred Parent did a blog post showcasing the TOP 10 FREDERICKSBURG PARENT & FAMILY BLOG POSTS of 2015?

I was like, Huh? (Sometimes I’m a little slow).

Then I was all anxious and concerned like, “I love all my kids (bloggers) equally! They are all wonderful and talented and work hard and they ALL deserve a gold star! I don’t want to single some out and leave the others feeling less-than! I don’t think I can do this!”

best blogs 2015In case you didn’t know, we have about 20 people who blog for FredParent. Yes, really! They all live in the area; in fact, you might be reading this on your phone, in line at Wegman’s and the woman in front of you could, possibly, be a real-live FredParent blogger! (You can tap her on the shoulder and ask her, but honestly? I don’t recommend this).

These individuals write about...well what don’t they write about? Homeschooling…adoption…weight loss…divorce…education…loss of loved ones….milestones in their kids’ lives… exercise… tantrums… stepfamilies…IVF…Costco adventures…sex…(yes, we have a little of that in our blogs, too, occasionally!) We are so fortunate to have so many voices sharing their parenting journeys with us and, newsflash: if you have a flair for writing and want to blog for us just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

But back to the Top 10 idea. I mulled it over a little more, slept on it, worried a little more. Needless to say, since you are reading this, I came around. I decided that yes, while I love all the bloggers and all of them are fantastic people who write amazing things and put themselves out there for our community, there is no doubt: some of their posts have hit gold, and they deserve to be acknowledged! Also? You readers deserve to revisit some of your faves!

With no further ado, let me present for you the



  1. The Plus Side of Plus-Sized Pregnancy (Tori's Stories: A Doulamentary)
  2. The Best Advice I Can Give Women Who Choose Divorce (Mouthy Mama: The Journey of Raising O)
  3. Can Fat Be Sexy? (Fat Girl, Skinny Genes)
  4. An Adoptee's Point of View (My Stomping Grounds)
  5. Love FXBG (Pink Ribbon Journey)
  6. Please Don't Teach My Child That Word (The Sweet Life)
  7. To All Mothers of Stillborn Babies: We Remember (Mouthy Mama: The Journey of Raising O)
  8. You're a Doo What? (Tori's Stories: A Doulamentary)
  9. Well, Hello, Aunt Flo! (Pink Ribbon Journey)
  10. Scooter Town and Sidewalk Chalk (Dier Mama)

But there’s more! We also compiled the

These are posts that you all continue to click on and read, even years after they were first published. They are truly classics…if you haven’t seen them yet, this is your chance!

  1. Top Ten C-Section Tips No One Tells You (Must Love Babies and Kids)
  2. Battle of the Diaper Pails: Diaper Dekor Plus vs. Diaper Genie II Elite (Baby Talk Moms)
  3. Faceplant (Dad, Party of One)
  4. What Happened? (Finding Happily Ever After)
  5. Our Family Bedroom (Not So Average Momma)

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