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Procrastination is a huge problem in a lot of people’s lives. It can really stress you out and drag you down. I personally know the effects of procrastination all too well. Heck this whole article is a school project that I’ve had since August to work on, and is due at the end of November. Hahahaha, *sob*, I need help. I have been stressed out about this for what feels like forever at this point and I figure that there must be at least one other person reading this blog post who’s also stressed because of the evil that is procrastination. So I decided it would be helpful (and hilariously ironic) if I wrote an article that gives a few tips and pointers on how to get around the urge to procrastinate.

First things first, why do we procrastinate? Yeah, I know, “skip this mush we just want to know how to stop.” Well you can skip over this part, but finding the root to a problem is often helpful. People procrastinate because nobody wants to leave their comfort zone. That thing you’re avoiding is probably boring, hard, or just makes you uncomfortable. People want to avoid pain which includes psychological pain like a shy person who avoids public speaking or places with a lot of people. Procrastination isn’t something where you can just sit down and tell yourself “Hey you, yeah you, I’m talking to you. Stop it,” and it just instantly goes away. You need to get help from somewhere. Like, I don’t know, an article by a stunning, intelligent, young author. Just saying. Below I have some real tips that helped me. I’m still a huge procrastinator, but I can at least get most of my work done. Most of the time.

1. Have someone around who is willing to breathe down your neck- you know that one friend who, instead of listening to you vent and gripe, tells you exactly what you need to do? No? Well call your mother or, I don’t know.... Set a reminder that yells at you. That always helps me.

2. Plan stuff in more detail- yeah, I know, I pretty much just said you can’t sit down and tell yourself “do this,” but hear me out. Detailed planning won’t suggest kinda sorta when you should maybe finish your crushingly boring paper, it tells you “Now do this and now do that!” which makes things real, not just a suggestions.

3. Do whatever you can to focus- if it helps, yell and scream. I said do whatever you can to focus. When I was writing this paper, I actually threw my phone, I pulled books off my bookshelf and, in short, I completely trashed my room. You probably think I’m entirely crazy, but it worked. Wait, did I say whatever it takes? I mean, if the only way you could ever focus is to set a stranger’s house on fire, don’t do that. If you need to rip all the pages out of an empty notebook and then throw the cover into your pool, not your neighbors’ pool, I mean that would be just weird, but if you need to throw it into your pool to focus then you be my guest. Basically what I’m trying to say is you are allowed to do weird but safe stuff if it helps you focus, as long as you and your parents agree on some ground rules first. Let me add that yes, I made sure I threw my phone onto my bed so it did not break and also, yes I WILL clean up my room after I am done with my final edits!

4. Stop putting off the thing you are currently putting off- if you’re reading this article then it means that you want to stop procrastinating, which is a good sign! You can use this momentum to move forward on your to-do list! Or you may currently be procrastinating which, just so you know, isn’t a good thing.

This article might not help you, (I mean I hope it does considering the grade of my entire project depends on it) but if you’re having trouble with procrastination get some advice, such as: listen to my tips! If you don’t you might be in my shoes, sitting alone in my wrecked room writing a paper for a project that I should have finished months ago! And my grade depends entirely on how many readers I am able to reach in my county, which is King George. So please, before you put it off, SHARE this with your KG friends on social media and write a comment to let me know what you think! Thank you!


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Smart Beginnings Rappahannock Area Splash EventMassadYMCA

For the past seven years, Smart Beginnings has thrown the Splash Pool Party fundraiser. This summer, the event will be held on June 24, 2018 from 6:30-9:30 pm at the Steve & Cheri Thurston Water Park at the Massad Family YMCA. Tickets range in price from $12 for a single ticket, $20 for couples and $35 for a family/group of four and each ticket also covers a hot dog, bag of chips and a drink.