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Fresh Voices

Hi I am Emily Kilmartin. I am 8 years old and a third grader. I go to Battlefield Elementary School. I am going to review Belvedere. Belvedere is a fall festival.

The first thing I need to tell you about is the jumping pillow! The jumping pillow is something colorful and very big. Even though it is very fun you need to be very careful because one time I was jumping on it and then I bumped heads with someone and it really hurt. Watch where you’re jumping!


2Next there are the pedal cars. There are big kid pedal cars and little kid pedal cars. The little kid pedal cars are very easy. There is no downhill or uphill. I think older people should be allowed to do the little kid pedal cars because the big kid pedal cars are very hard to go uphill. I am now old enough to go on the older kid pedal cars so I tried them. I was nervous because my mom and my older brother Daniel told me that it was hard to get up the hill. I watched other people do it and one of them got stuck on the uphill. Then it was my turn. I was going pretty fast at first. Then it got hard to pedal as I was going uphill. I finally got uphill! I think it’s too hard to go uphill if you just started to do big kid pedal cars.


3The next thing is the Fun Barn. There are rope swings in the hay barn. There aren’t as many rope swings as there were last year when I came, but it is still fun.


4One thing I love to do is play in the huge pile of uncooked corn kernels. There is a lot of corn and they feel really weird and good. Be careful not to get corn in your mouth or in your ear. Daniel got some in his ear the last time he was at the farm and it was NOT fun (though it did come out with tweezers, whew!).

corn kernals


5There are also blue and green zip lines. If you stand up next to the measuring bar and you are tall enough, you can go to a blue zip line, if you are too short, then you go to a green zip line. I think they should raise the height requirement for blue. One time I saw a little kid on the blue zip line and he was too short to grab it and got stuck and dangled from the zip line until a worker had to help him.


6There are animals you can pet in front of the pig races. Make sure to bring a quarter so you can feed them.


7I also love the pig races. The pig races are really fun to watch. The trick to get picked as a Pig Pal is to go in the least crowded section and to yell the loudest. If you are a Pig Pal and your pig wins then you get a plastic pig nose.


8Another thing that is pretty fun is the mazes. There are levels one, two, and three. The mazes can get really hard but they are still fun. Don’t try the mazes when it is really hot!

corn maze


9The last thing is the hay ride. You can get pumpkins from the hay ride. Make sure to get the pumpkins last so you are not carrying pumpkins around all day.

As you can see, there are a lot of very fun things to do at Belvedere. Some things I did not mention are the slide, scarecrow decorations, bingo, the sports wall, and the bonfires at night. Belvedere is one of the best things to do in the fall!

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Pouches' Community Corner

Smart Beginnings Rappahannock Area Splash EventMassadYMCA

For the past seven years, Smart Beginnings has thrown the Splash Pool Party fundraiser. This summer, the event will be held on June 24, 2018 from 6:30-9:30 pm at the Steve & Cheri Thurston Water Park at the Massad Family YMCA. Tickets range in price from $12 for a single ticket, $20 for couples and $35 for a family/group of four and each ticket also covers a hot dog, bag of chips and a drink.