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                Summer is here, and since we live in Virginia, we get a nice dose of humid and hot weather! Many of you dread the idea of even walking to the mailbox at this time of year, never mind grabbing your tennis shoes and racquet for a game under the blistering sun!  So what do you do if you want to get your workout in and feel refreshed at the same time? Add water!

                This summer find a pool, grab a hose or fill up some water balloons for a fun, wet workout!  Whatever exercises you choose, you will have fun with your family and/or friends.  So put on some sunscreen, get out of that air conditioned house of yours, and head outside for some real fun!

Pool Fun-

                Everyone loves taking a dip in the pool, but instead of just floating around, use your time to get fit! Grab your little one for a game of Wheels on the Bus or Ring around the Rosie.  Singing either of these songs with their motions will give you a full body workout while lifting your child in and out of the water.  They will love it and your arms will feel it! Here are the motions for Wheels on the Bus;

                Round and Round-Circle around holding baby

                Up and Down-Lift baby in and out of the water

                Wipers go Swish, Swish, Swish-Swing baby's legs side to side in the water

                So what if the other moms and dads in the pool look at you funny? Maybe next time you arrive at the pool, you’ll see them singing and splashing with their babies too!

                If you have some older kids, ask them to join you in a game of pool volleyball or basketball.  Grab a ball and hit it around, it’s even more fun in the water instead of in the grass.  Don’t have a hoop or net? That’s okay try making a whirlpool.  My son and I did this yesterday in our pool, it was a great leg workout!

Water Balloon Fun-

                There is so much fun you can have with water balloons! My family and I have already hooked up our hose for some water balloon fun.  Before you start filling up your balloons I need to share a secret with you: you need to buy Buncho Balloons. This is one of the greatest inventions ever made; you can blow up 100 balloons in 60 seconds! We tried them right after I bought them at CVS and they are amazing! Not only do they fill with water, they also tie once they are filled!  This saves so much time! Where was it when I was filling balloons for my class field days years ago?

                Once you fill up your balloons there is so much you can do with them. We played a game of water balloon baseball, which was a lot of fun for everyone. Even my three year old daughter loved it, she grabbed her baseball tee and set her water balloon up and sprayed us once she hit it. Once you’re done with your baseball game split into two teams for some water balloon dodgeball. The front yard will be full of screaming fun with everyone dodging water balloons while getting a workout running around the yard. When you’re done, it’s time for some stretching as you spread out over the yard to pick up the little latex pieces of water balloon that will be littering the grass.  You can make this fun, too! You can go slow and do some good stretching as you reach and lean over, or even do some squats, or make it into a contest to see who can pick up the biggest pile first or the most colorful pile.

                Does your family like competition? If picking up those shattered water balloons isn’t enough of a challenge, then how about some water balloon relay races! Divide into teams in hopes of winning and while getting wet. Using a spoon (a serving spoon is best) race to one end of the yard balancing your balloon on the spoon and run back. Try this a few times to get in some cardio.  If you still have some balloons left over, try the over and under relay without popping on anyone’s head.

               Add a little water to your workout, enjoy your family and get your exercise in at the same time! Sounds like a productive summer to me!  Don’t forget to write Buncho Balloons on your next shopping list, trust me it will be your best summer purchase!

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