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Fitness & Motherhood

Did you spend the winter cuddled up in front of the fireplace keeping warm? Mmmmm, those were some cozy evenings of hibernation! Now that spring is here, even though the temperatures might not seem like it, it might be time to restart your fitness routine! The spring weather brings beautiful flowers, outdoor activities/ sports, and the chance to enjoy some fresh air!  Before you jump into a new routine here are a few tips to keep you on track this spring to reach all of your fitness goals.

·         Don’t make up for lost time-Whether it’s been a few weeks or few months don’t push yourself to the max right away, you have to ease back into it.  I know you want to get back in shape as fast as possible but it’s not worth overdoing it and resulting in sore muscles.

·         Schedule a Race or Sign Up for a Team or Exercise Class- Setting a goal of running a race or joining a team or exercise class will give you some motivation to kick start your training.  Once you have picked the activity you want to do you can start performing exercises that will help you in this event and keep you focused on your training plan.  For example if you sign up with a group of friends to play in a charity soccer tournament (which I just did) you could start running and practicing some soccer skills. 

·         Stay Consistent and Slowly Progress your Exercise Routine-You don’t want to start to fast but you want to progress with your strength and endurance.  Plan out and stick with a regular exercise routine that involves exercising 3-4 times a week.  As you continue and feel more comfortable you can increase your workouts as you’re ready.! Keep your workouts fresh and fun to keep you interested and having fun!  Incorporate different types of workouts into your week, strength training, cardio, yoga, dance class and HIIT training are all great ways to work up a sweat.

·         Fuel Your Body Properly-I’m sure you’ve seen on Pinterest all of the pre and post workout food that will keep your body energized for your workouts,  Some of the best pre-workout snacks are dried fruit, fresh fruit, oatmeal or granola bar.  It’s important to eat food that is easy to digest and that is low-fiber and low-fat. Your post-workout snacks should contain protein. A few options are chocolate milk, boiled eggs, peanut butter, nuts and protein shakes.

·         Keep Moving Forward and Don’t Fall Into Old Habits-What kept you from exercising before?  Was it time of day, boredom from exercise sessions or the weather?  This time around try to figure out something new that will work!  Maybe find a gym with a pool or find a nice trail nearby you can hike with your family.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and tackle your fitness goals!  Spring is a time of regrowth, make it your time to get fit and active! You had all winter to stay cozy, now it’s time to sweat!


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About Alison

Alison Neal is the owner of Stroller Strides of Fredericksburg. Stroller Strides is a total body workout that is done alongside your baby. Each instructor modifies the workouts for all fitness levels. As a mother, Alison knows it is hard to fit workouts into a busy schedule, but follow her blog right here for great fitness and healthy living tips! You can also learn more about Stroller Strides by visiting her website.


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Cooking Autism

Cooking Autism, Inc. is driven to help children with neurological disorders (including autism) learn how to cook. Participants are encouraged to pick up critical communication skills, learn how to work as a team and be more independent. They can build skills in math, reading, and science, and learn about cooking-related topics such as health and nutrition. 



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