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Have you been inside trying to avoid the arctic outdoor temperatures?  Are you itching to get some fresh air and exercise? It is so cold outside that even a trip to the mailbox or car can leave you shivering! What do you think about burning some calories outdoors? You can do it in these chilly temperatures....... with a little preparation.

Whether you are a runner or one who likes to take a stroll around the block here a couple steps to follow and some good reasons to get outside during the winter.

  • You’ll be working up a sweat even in the cold temperatures but it’s still important to dress warm and in layers.  All the articles I read suggested on dressing for temperatures 15-20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature.  The first layer should be spandex or something that wicks away sweat, then add a layer of wool for insulation topped by a breathable, waterproof layer. 
  • Wear thick socks or two pair of thinner socks and a hat.
  • Keep exposed skin covered as much as possible.  If it’s really cold out you can cover your exposed areas like your face with Vaseline to reduce the potential of frostbite.
  • Try to exercise in the afternoon when the temperatures are the highest.  If you aren’t able to make it outside during this time frame make sure you are wearing reflective gear that can easily be seen by oncoming vehicles.
  • When it’s cold outside consider running multiple laps of a short course rather than one longer loop. This ensures that you’ll never be far from home in the event of an emergency.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.  Even in the frigid temperatures you will still be sweating and you need to keep your body hydrated.

If the sound of running or walking in the winter doesn’t sound fun to you what about finding an activity that can only be done when it’s cold outside?  Take advantage of living in an area that experiences all four seasons and have some fun while burning lots of calories in the cold!  Find a local ski resort for some fun in the snow and burn a lot of calories!

  • Snowshoeing- An hour of snowshoeing burns 510 calories!  I have never tried this sport myself but the times I have visited Massanutten I have seen people doing this.
  • Shoveling- This might not be a favorite sport but is a necessity, do this for an hour and burn 380 calories an hour.
  • Sledding-Up and down the hill sledding for an hour can burn 455 calories an hour.  Grab your little one and head down that snowy hill!
  • Skiing-This sport improves muscle strength and endurance all while burning 385 calories an hour.
  • Ice Skating-This sport targets your abs, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps and burns 450 calories an hour.
  • Snowboarding-Snowboarding down the hill improves your balance and core strength and burns 390 calories.

Grab your coat, scarf and gloves and enjoy what’s left of winter!  Get adventurous and try something new and maybe you will appreciate winter and everything that it has to offer!

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Alison Neal is the owner of Stroller Strides of Fredericksburg. Stroller Strides is a total body workout that is done alongside your baby. Each instructor modifies the workouts for all fitness levels. As a mother, Alison knows it is hard to fit workouts into a busy schedule, but follow her blog right here for great fitness and healthy living tips! You can also learn more about Stroller Strides by visiting her website.


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