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Good things come to those who wait. I am finally seeing the fruits of my labors and am down a few pounds. I know that I shouldn’t put a lot into the “number” but let’s get real- it feels great to lose weight when you are trying so hard! This has been a rough two years for me health-wise. In 2013 after years of pain and much reflection I decided to have my hip replaced. I was 39 at that time and much younger than most of my joint replacement companions at the hospital and rehab, but I had been fighting this deterioration since being born with a congenital hip displacement. My case was pretty severe back in the day and involved multiple surgeries and left me with large scars on both of my legs.

steph baby

Throughout my childhood, I struggled with joint issues associated with this condition, knowing full well that my hip was only going to last so long. The doctors felt that waiting until after having my children was the way to go and thankfully pregnancy seemed to alleviate much of my pain. After my third and final child and a near-death delivery experience, the pain quickly sprang back up on me. The trauma of my final pregnancy took a toll on my body and caused my hip issues to impact my legs and feet as well. With the promise of an awesome new hip and a new life of better mobility I entered the operating room.

Sad to say that things seem to never work out as planned for me and they are never simple. I suffered significant nerve damage as a result of the surgery which was likely brought on from the severity of my prior C-section and aforementioned dramatic baby delivery. I will never know the reason behind the why of it all, but I do know that I was in no place to handle that kind of setback. I had prepared for a renewed sense of energy and what I got was a leg brace and a cane. Months of stubbornness led to broken ankles, months in walking boots, and for me the worst thing-weight gain. I was lost in my own pity party and although trying to function as normally I could, I simply wasn’t all there.

Patience. I knew that with time, my nerve damage could improve. I knew that I might never gain full stability back in my leg, but I slowly worked my way back to a better place. With the help of a great doctor who chose to look at the bigger picture and not just the obvious, I was able to find medication that worked for me and didn’t deplete me of the little energy I had. I worked hard and fought to walk more and to establish a more positive attitude. The one good thing is that at least my hip didn’t hurt. =)

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As I learn to eat things that are better for me and teach that to my children, I have come to realize just how important patience is. I am loving this book...

healthy eater

This book written by Doctor Yum Nimali Fernando and her co-author Melanie Potock is amazing. At first I thought that I was too late in my parenting life for a book like this. I mean my kiddies are 15, 12, and 6 so they are somewhat already set in their eating habits. I found as I read that it was not only applicable to them, but I could apply almost all of it to myself. I joke around that I read it as if I am the baby trying to learn how to eat as well as the parent trying to do the teaching!

One of my favorite parts is where the authors describe the parenting strategies that I have been alluding to with each post (joyfully, bravely, and compassionately). To quote the Parenting Patiently part- “Waiting is a ‘magic’ parenting technique. Although you are your child’s guide, your role is to show them the way, not pull them along.” LOVE THIS!! Who knew that I could find such a great quote about LIFE in a book about eating??

Just like I needed to learn patience with myself after my surgery, I need to learn to be patient with myself when learning how to eat better. I never thought that I would be where I am today both physically and mentally. A year ago, I was done. I had resigned myself to a future of slow walking and cane usage but with patience and determination I am currently preparing to walk my first 5K (Thanksgiving Day 2015!) since my surgery. Eating better is helping me to achieve the results I want even though it is a much slower process than I had hoped. So many have been there for me these past few years, but as the quote above says, they were there to help me along the way not pull me along! I had to get here all on my own.

With that said, I just got an email that tonight’s class is for the whole family and is all about CURRY! Hmmmm...this should be interesting. Stay tuned.

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