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They came from all over. 

Photographers of every shape and size, every genre and age, men and women, filled The Fillmore just outside D.C. to listen to some of the best and brightest in the photography business give their definition and insight into what success looks like - personally and professionally.

My notebook was full of notes and my heart completely inspired.

This is the year to rock my photography business!

I came home on a high, ready to tackle my post-conference 'homework' and put all the steps into play that would launch my artistic career.

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Photo Credit: Kelly Dier Photography
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However, as soon as I walked through the door, my husband was off to work, leaving me with my two little girls. One needed breakfast, one needed a diaper change. I had not seen them in two days, so much playtime was had and cuddles given. The day sped ahead to nap time and, while one little one stayed snug in her bed, the other just wanted mommy. 

I realized all my good business-centered intentions would have to wait until evening.

Later, as the wind quietly crept out of my sails and reality set in, I mulled over how challenging it is to be self-employed. It is one thing to build a successful business solo, but staying at home often yields little to no free time to pursue my dreams and goals.

'So, why even try?' I thought.

'Because you must. You must set the example.'

I heard it in my spirit, the resolve within, reminding me that little eyes are watching not only how I manage our home, but how I manage to incorporate my dreams during each season of motherhood. It matters. It's important.

Because one day they will need to know how to pursue their dreams in the midst of motherhood.

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Photo Credit: Kelly Dier Photography
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I am of the theory it is important to be a lifelong learner. And, while it can be challenging, more and more I am realizing that motherhood should not sit you on the sidelines of your own life.

Kids or no kids, you must remain an active player.

The thing is, one day my girls will have choices to make about career and family. Do they want to be career women? Super! Do they want to be stay-at-home moms? Great! However, I recognize that these choices are not always that black and white. While they may feel the desire to be a full-time SAHM, they may need to bring in an income to help support their family. They may have dreams and desires they wish to pursue, things that are life-giving and allow them to be better women, wives and mothers.

So, as a 'mompreneur.' it is important for me to show them it can be done and it can be done successfully, without sacrificing family. It is why I continue to find outlets to write and clients to photograph - because I want to be at home with my children and I also want to contribute financially through various creative outlets. I suggest this is why 'home parties' and direct sales companies have been so wildly popular...women have a desire to stay an active member of their life and draw their own boundaries when it comes to how they spend their time. Being a self-made businesswoman opens the door for this. 

This is not limited to money-making tactics and monetary contribution. Pursuing passions and hobbies is something I believe your children should see you explore. When my oldest was still very small, I signed up for a cake decorating class with my mom. I didn't have any desire to start a bakery, but I love to make cupcakes and thought down the road I would like to make some special birthday cakes for my kids. Those couple of hours away each week, focusing on something that gave me an outlet to work with my hands and engage something I loved, filled my mama energy tank and when I came home I found myself refreshed, in an even better place to settle back into 'mommy mode.'

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Photo Credit: Kelly Dier Photography
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In the end, I want to exemplify to my girls you can do both: you can pursue your dreams and/or find creative ways to make a financial contribution in motherhood, should they find themselves in the in-between family, career paradigm down the road. I want them to remember they are important and should engage the things that ultimately will make them better, more energized women all around.

You make time for the things that are important to you. When my girls are older and grown, I hope they see not only did I love them unconditionally and prioritize them, but that there is always room to pursue the gifts and talents they've been bestowed with - even if it looks like scheduling those things around a late night cup of coffee.

This will benefit not only them, but a future generation of 'Dier' women who will be watching.

Photo Credit: Kelly Dier Photography
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*Final note: Kelly Dier Photography is now booking spring sessions! Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for rates and availability and don't forget to 'Like' my Facebook page for the latest information and updates from KDP.

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