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Dier Mama

They stood in the driveway, arms around one another, watching with pride in their eyes as I drove off. Only, they were not proud of me. They were proud of the Honda Pilot they sold my family.

We had bought their baby, their pride and joy, their family vehicle of the past ten years and with great care they handed over the keys and said, 'Goodbye.'

This was the vehicle they brought their daughter home in as a baby, the vehicle that had logged many miles driving cross country from one destination to the next. The owner's wife told me about how her husband used to open the sunroof with a 'magical tap' on the dashboard - only to reveal to their kids years later there had been a hidden button he was pressing the whole time.

As they shared with my husband and me all they had been through and the memories they made in this SUV, I couldn't help but be grateful to be inheriting such a blessing. While I was selling my new Ford to set our family up for financial success, understanding the rich heritage this car carried with it made the decision easy.

The thing is, new is not always better. Sometimes flashy and up to date does not compare to worn in and loved, especially when it has been a well kept family treasure.

I immediately knew it was the right vehicle for us as my curly-haired daughter climbed up in the seat and began to buckle the seat belt. She was fascinated by the moon roof and soft, cracked leather seats. She giggled with glee and eagerly said, 'Yes!' when I asked if this was the car we should buy.


car.jpegNothing like a fall picnic in the back of the car.

As we left, the owner made us promise to wash and wax the exterior with a smile and slight wink. Isn't it funny how something so common becomes precious when it has been used to make those we love happy?

This old member of their family had seen many miles, but a new chapter was waiting to be written and there are new adventures to be had.


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