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Dier Mama

If you are anything like me - a tired, busy, ready-for-a-break mama - you know the feeling of absolute eagerness and sheer joy when your hubby says, 'Hey, wanna rent out a beach house for a weekend in September?'

'Umm, do our kids love Daniel Tiger? Heck yes I want to rent a beach house!'

It was settled. We had a date, we had a house, we had 48 hours to look forward to of kid-free vacation.

Our time away was just what we needed for us both to catch our breath, relax and for me to shave my legs for once.

We ate dinner every night somewhere around 8 'o clock and did not have to cut the meat up into toddler-friendly pieces. I sat and read on the beach while my husband fished on the shore. We sat...just sat...and drank coffee and wine and talked about anything and everything. We were just hanging out - no agenda, no routine, no rules.

Just us.

You know what? As much as I loved our almost perfect getaway together, less than 24 hours into the trip we both decided it was much too quiet. We sat and ate, entertained by the crooning of Frank Sinatra instead of our daughter singing 'You Are My Sunshine' and my mama heart silently missed her off-key tune. As we turned in for the night, it felt a little lonely not hearing her sweet little voice telling her tall tales and asking me to snuggle with her in her small little toddler bed.

Vacation is great, but it is not my 'happy place.' My happy place is with my family, all of us, together. Me, my husband and our two little girls. Life is sunnier, funnier and more precious when they are around.

I do believe it is very important to take time for yourself and for your spouse to recharge your parental batteries, but I realized it is not so I can get away from my kids, it is so I can be better for my kids.

Our time away together was bliss, but so was getting home to them and wrapping my arms around their small little bodies and telling them how much I missed them and watching my oldest daughter's eyes light up when she saw the shells we brought back for her to add to her collection.

That is my happy place.

That is me.

Hi, I'm Kelly Dierberger and I'm thrilled to be part of the Fredericksburg Parent & Family blogging family. My faith, family and my love for all things creative is what drives me. Before kids, I was a TV reporter and morning talk show host turned public relations manager turned marketing director, along with lots of other various jobs in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Nowadays, I am discovering what it means to be a brave mom as I have the gig of a lifetime raising two precious little girls with my husband of four years.

Life isn't always easy, 'dier mamas,' but it's a beautiful ride. Excited to share the journey with you.


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About Kelly

kelly d

Christ follower, coffee lover, former news gal, writer & photographer, baking enthusiast and wifey to one good-looking fisherman, journeying on my wildest adventure so far – being a mommy to two blue-eyed sweeties.
When I'm not watching 'Daniel Tiger,' or cutting sandwiches into squares you'll find me exploring my new surroundings in The 'Burg.

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