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Becca Beasley is the owner and operator of Becca Bee Events, a wedding planning business thriving in Central Virginia. With twelve years of event experience in the tourism industry and a solid background in literature, Becca contributes her talents to travel blogs in the Mid-Atlantic region. Her FredParent blog relates the adventures she and her two young children, Maggie and Brendan, embark on in Fredericksburg with a focus on the area’s family-friendly locales. This September, Becca and her husband, Mark, are expecting their third child.

Childhood is Calling

Neither one of my young children love super-hot weather, though my son tries to maximize every possible moment outside, rain, shine, sleet or snow. In order to avoid the invariable one-is-inside-unsupervised/one-is-outside-unsupervised dilemma, we spend a lot of time playing in water during the summer months! This year, a friend suggested that we try the YMCA public pool at the Massad Family YMCA at 212 Butler Road in Falmouth. The pool is more like a waterpark, complete with water slides, splash pads, and a concession stand. For complete information on pricing and hours, visit the YMCA website. ( 

One such super-hot Saturday afternoon, my husband and I felt sporty enough to pack up both children and loads of pool toys and brave the crowds at the YMCA waterpark. We didn’t have a strategy, meaning that we didn’t arrive as soon as the park opened, or even pack food for that matter (the water park forbids outside food, so I guess this was a good thing!). Despite the inevitable chaos that comes with detaining two young children as you wait in line for entry and jockeying for position in poolside lounge chairs, we had a great time! My children, ages five and three, are good listeners and they know not to run on the pool deck or jump in unless an adult is there to supervise, so the stress level that may have arisen when they were younger is no longer so much of an issue. My daughter loved the frog slide and splash pad toys, which are probably more appropriate for younger children but they suit her just fine. She’s comfortable mostly in water where she can touch. My son loves everything - his only issue is that he isn’t tall enough to do the big kid slides. After a few hours, my husband and I had no complaints, so when I was invited to go back on a weekday with a friend and her children, I jumped at the chance.

Massad Family YMCA Waterpark

Weekdays are different than weekends in nature, even during the summer months. I suggest you call ahead to see if summer camp groups and/or swim meets are occurring, as they may dissuade you or change the hours of the park. There was one summer camp there while we were there on a random Thursday, but it really didn't impact us too much. We arrived right when the waterpark opened and we quickly put our towels down to save chairs near the water's edge. My children again spent their time in the shallow end (pictured above) and though there were people there, it wasn't too terribly crowded. They were able to jump off the side into the deeper water without colliding into others. My daughter is tall enough to use the twisty slide, and she proudly marched off to get a yellow wristband, but then changed her mind about the slide at the last minute. My son, on the other hand, was sorely disappointed that he remains too short!

Maggie in Shallow End

We spent several hours at the waterpark, with a short break for lunch. It's not an incredibly social experience at this stage, because you always have to keep your eyes on your children, but going with friends is always fun! And on these hot days, the water feels so refreshing. We'll be going back before summer ends. Enjoy!

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