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This Father’s Day don't be afraid to lick the batter from the beater.


In the time since I was a kid (and that’s not long ago AT ALL) concerns about bacteria and food safety have removed much of the fun from being a kid in the kitchen. Heaven forbid you might help shape meatballs at four: you might put your hands in your mouth without washing them first! The aversion to raw cookie dough is the biggest of these crimes by health. The dough gets wasted when you wash it off of utensils and hands. And besides what else are you going to do for the 12 minutes the cookies are baking!? From a very young age I have loved eating cookie dough off the mixing beater; as evidenced by this picture of my father and me. And (don’t arrest us) my family usually has cookie dough balls, raw, in the freezer, because you never know when you might want a freshly baked cookie or just to gnaw on a frozen dough ball like you are a teething toddler (though hopefully with less drool).

So if you are looking for something to do this Father’s day last minute. Or to put it another way, if you were to Ask My Friend Maillard what you should do relating to food, hands down my answer is bake cookies together; especially if the fathers in your life are anything like mine, who care not at all about things (least of all ties or grilling accoutrement). A picture/vine/stain from baking together will last a lot longer than today’s hot gadget and finding the perfect cookie for his taste takes more individualized thought.

Earlier today I mailed out a batch of mocha cookie bars to my dad. Sadly, without getting any pictures of the actual cookie. My dad LOVES Starbucks’ mochas. He can’t have them as often, or as large, anymore for medical reasons but I chose to make mocha flavored cookies to pay homage to this taste-love. I made a basic oatmeal cookie dough with pecans, just for some crunch and fun, pressing most of it into an 11x8 inch glass pan while reserving some for topping. Then on top of that was a melted mixture of chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and Starbucks italian roast VIA (their instant coffee). The combination of condensed milk and melted chocolate is a feature of his all time favorite dessert. It was all topped with crumbles of the reserved cookie dough as well as chocolate covered espresso beans. YUM.

And there's my advice, even though you didn't ask for it. Poke around the internet for cookies relating to your dad’s/husband’s interest and make a happy and yummy Father’s Day in the kitchen. Eat the batter raw (and yes there are lots of good egg-free cookie recipies if you’re worried about salmonella). Measure wrong. Make a mess. Have fun.


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