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Dianna laughs that these intros are written like someone else is doing it. It’s me. Trying to pique your interest in my blog. I have lots of boys and a husband of lots of years, and lots of boxers. I’ve been on the battlefield, in the boardroom, and served blissful years as a PTO President (glad I’d been on the battlefield). I love good food, good friends and good laughs.

Pour a cup of coffee, or perhaps it is a glass of wine, and share a moment with me. For extroverted folks like me, connecting is life. Even if it is connecting on the web. Webs are about connections. Let’s do this!

Coffee with a Slice of Life

Keeping them Safe

I had a terrible accident eight years ago. Amongst other injuries I sustained, I literally broke my neck. It was a difficult time for our family and certainly hard on our children. Sammy took my injury the hardest. When the poor little guy saw me in the emergency room with my face burned, my neck in a brace, stitches over my eye and hand in a cast, he threw up three times before his dad could get him out of the room. As I was recovering we were eventually able to get back to our “routines”. One night about three months after I fell, I was tucking Sam then eight-years-old into bed.

After we said our prayers, Sammy asked, “Mommy, does it hurt yet?”

“Excuse me, Sam?” I said.

“Does your body hurt yet?” Sam asked.

“Yes Sammy” I said, “it has been hurting since I fell.”

Sammy looked surprised and a bit upset.

“But you told me in the hospital that grown-ups don’t feel pain like kids do and that it wouldn’t hurt you.”

I thought back for a moment.

“Sam, I don’t remember saying that but sometimes parents say things because we don’t want our children to hurt or be upset. Momma knew how hard the idea of me hurting would be for you so after my accident I said I wasn't in pain.”

I watched his little face as he processed my words. He looked at the ceiling for a moment and then looked back at me and said, “Thanks mom.”

“You’re welcome Sam.”

As I was leaving his room I said; “Good night sweetheart.”

"Good night mom."

I saw Sammy roll over and heard him as he whispered into his blanket, “You’re the best mom in the whole world.”

I think of that moment often because I make so many mistakes as a mom. It’s comforting to me that I instinctively calmed my son’s fears when he needed me to even in one of my darkest moments.

I want all moms realize that sometimes, no matter what challenges we’re facing, sometimes we get it right.

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Fifty Dollars

HalloweenCapeI can't let Halloween pass without telling this story. When I was a sophomore at Rutgers I was shopping with a friend for a dress for the Military Ball. A Military Ball was a big deal in college because it was one time the female cadets didn’t have to wear a uniform. I was going to get all dressed up in a long gown and I was excited.

My family didn't have much money so I knew I was going to wear the dress I had for my Senior Prom and that was fine. Before the event I was out shopping with a girlfriend who was also attending the ball. I was at the mall in New Jersey looking through all the glimmering sequined dresses; moving the long gowns from one side of the rack to the next and happened upon a beautiful white cape.

It was long with a full hood and just the most extravagant thing I'd ever seen. When I put it on, I felt beautiful. I've never been called beautiful. I’ve always had more physical size than my friends and worn larger clothes even when I was in my best shape physically; but when I put on that cape I felt beautiful. It flowed over my curves, reached way down to the floor and make me feel totally wrapped in luxury. But...

It was 50 dollars. Fifty dollars seemed like a thousand as I think about it now but I loved it SO much that I called my mom from the payphone in the Mall at Menlo Park and asked her if I could please buy it.

"Please mom - I will use it over and over."

She paused on the other end of the phone and I waited:

"Honey, you get that cape if you want it."

I was thrilled; I mean I was also riddled with guilt for asking to buy it and for wanting it so much, but I was thrilled.

For the days before the ball I would put it on and feel it hang all around me. I'd put the hood up and down pretending I was a mix between Cinderella and Snow White. I was so happy. My mom never mentioned the cost of the white cape. I’m not sure she ever told my dad about it. I was never one to ask for indulgence and I am still so grateful for her generosity and that she reached to buy that cape.

I've remembered my promise that I would use it often.

The point of all of this is, every year when I attend a Halloween Party I dress as Mrs. Dracula or a witch complete with hat, full face makeup and....wait for it...

My white cape.

I have worn it now for close to 40 years and every time I put it on I feel beautiful. I wrap my hands in the length of it, swirl it about, put the hood up and I am thrilled it takes back to a time in my life where my mom was there smiling at me.

Thank you for my white cape momma. When I put it on I am still that young woman in the mall...and it still makes me feel beautiful.

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Welcome to Coffee with a Slice of Life

So, a friend who you met through an after school program you run is also a publisher of a fun and valuable family magazine in the local area. She reaches out to you after reading one of the several posts you share on Facebook and asks if you’d be interested in writing a blog for her magazine.

“Sure,” you say. You love to write, it gets the stuff out that you feel, think, remember and can be pretty funny at times. Then you get a name that is a conglomeration of things you’d hadn’t even thought of until someone else tells you what your writing is like for them and BAM.

So here it is. “Coffee with a Slice of Life.” I do most of my writing when I’m alone with a cup of coffee in the mornings. It’s sort of like emptying my gunny sack of things I carry around. Then I can read it, work it, put it on a page somewhere and eventually have it printed for my legacy box for the boys (I have many boys).

I’m happy to be here and hope that the coming blogs will lift you, make you laugh, make you cry and sometimes help you dig down and share your own experience so we can all “grow forward”. I feel like that commercial that says “I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.”

We have all seen a thing or two and that’s why we’re here. To share a cup of coffee and a slice of life. I can’t wait to get to know you!


p.s. I’m really bad with commas. I put them down when I pause to think and sometimes that is way too much. Sometimes, and you’ll see this too, it isn’t quite enough.

Have a brilliant day!

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Pouches' Community Corner

Be KIND at Home and Abroad

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This month, Pouches highlights two community events and one international aid opportunity for families to support. 

On October 13, there will be a Kindness Day pancake breakfast at Spotsylvania Towne Centre. On the 20th, the Happy and Healthy Kids Fair is at the Children's Museum Fredericksburg.

Also in October, Pouches is preparing for a trip to Ecuador to bring used orthotics and prosthetics to people in need in that country.