It’s week 3 of shelter in place in our household. Only one parent gets to “escape” for work and things can get monotonous for us. Here’s our favorite fun “Shelter in Place” ideas to create some fun and keep the family happy:

1Show affection. Obviously a back rub and hug go along way but if you can’t physically touch someone in the household – try air kisses, jazz hands, silly faces, winks, or smiles.

2Send greetings of gratitude to medical staff, transportation workers, mail delivery people, grocery store employees – any one that is keeping our community going.

3Enter our community art contest. Send your child’s artwork on life at home to by April 15.

4Chalk your Walk. Get creative and spread some cheer with sidewalk chalk.

5Share your Bear. Put a bear in the window for the neighborhood kids to find in your windows on the “Teddy Bear Scavenger Hunt.” Bonus read “We’re going on Bear Hunt” to add to the fun.

6Get creative with food. Create a themed meal night – hibachi, breakfast for dinner, sandwich night – the possibilities are endless.

7Watch a movie together. Get a family movie and do a virtual “drive-in” with all the treats.

8Homemade Playdough. Textile play reduces stress and anxiety. Check out a great recipe here (and see our results).

9Build a fort. Enjoy fort making with pillows or blankets where the kids can play, read or event study. Just make ensure it’s a solid build for the littles.

10Take a digital break. Turn off the phone, TV, and/or tablets. It’s good for the brain and will recharge you.

And a bonus 11th (and 12th)…11Date your spouse. Try these ideas and take time for your significant other (or yourself). Take time for self care! Visit our Facebook page or Facebook group for plenty of self care ideas.

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