Every year my family takes a vacation up in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. We love to go to Lancaster, PA, and the small towns up that way. We usually spend five days up there, enjoying confined living space, 24 hour togetherness and one bathroom….I’m kidding…sort of. This year we stayed at the Eden Resort, and it was an awesome place to stay as a family. Our favorite part was the outdoor splash area and kiddie pools. Our kids were able to do that and the large playground nearby, all while Matt and I chilled in the shade sipping our drinks (which they delivered poolside). Good times. Trust me, after so much togetherness, we needed adult time with adult beverages.

IMG 6302

Getting here was a struggle, mostly because we have a small car, and when one person (who shall remain nameless…. Oh, ok me) in the family has enough bags to go on a 5 month vacation, not just 5 days, packing the car is tricky. But, more on that in another post. For now… here’s how this stylin’ vacation played out.

We got to our hotel on Sunday and pretty much stayed there all day. Traveling is exhausting. Having the outdoor splash area and other outdoor activities like mini golf, pool table, ping pong, basketball, two pools, etc.. made it easy to just hang out and not be bored.

IMG 6407

Monday we went to Hershey. My kids love Chocolate World. They have a ride inside that shows you how they make chocolate… and beware, the entire place smells like fresh chocolate. See this mural…when I go to Chocloate World, I’m like the little girl.  No need for silverware, just give me all the chocolate and I will shovel it in my mouth with my hands…she’s my hero.  

IMG 5798


Of course, there’s Hershey Park up that way too but we haven’t tried that yet. I feel like it’s a park more geared towards older kids. We usually do the trolley tour of the town of Hershey, which is fun and you get free chocolate, but this year we went to Zoo America instead, which is attached to Hershey Park. It was so much fun. The highlights from the zoo were the bald eagles, and this massive snapping turtle (in the collage picture below).  I swear the thing was as big as our car. Imagine getting snapped by that thing. Yikes. Also nearby is Troegs brewery which is also really neat. We ate lunch there and had really good beer. I reccomend it highly. I chose to wear one of my Lularoe Cassie skirts, because they are comfortable and easy to pair with comfortable-ish shoes. Lol. Seriously, though, if you don’t have any Lualroe Cassie skirts, you need some.  This one is the perfect, maybe odd, mate to my glitter skull shirt. It’s the perfect metaphor for me…I am soft yet hard, I like pretty things and dark things.  And most importantly, glitter makes everything better, including skulls.  

IMG 3760

IMG 6410


Tuesday we went to Dutch Wonderland. If you have young kids, you need to go to this amusement park. It’s the highlight of our trip. My kids love it, and Matt and I love it too. The entire park is geared toward younger kids and families. They even have a large water play area. It’s an all around great time. I wore this shorts outfit and brought a change of shoes… which I had to change into a few hours into the day. Hey, I never said practicallity was my strong suit. I ended up in flip flops, which was fine, I felt short though. LOL. They still let me on the rides, so I guess i’m not THAT short. 

IMG 4114
IMG 6409

Wednesday was spent exploring and shopping at a few antique stores around town. With town names like Paradise, Intercourse and Bird-In-Hand, how can you not go see what’s there? It’s all so fascinating. We also went to Strasburg, which is a really cute, historic train town. Tons of trains to look at and explore – it’s where Thomas the Train visits occasionally. If you go to Strasburg, you MUST stop at Allegro wine shop there and get a wine slushie. You can thank me later. For dinner, we went back to Lancaster and ate at the Lancaster Brewing Company. You MUST eat here. It’s really good food and really good beers. Hands down, it was our favorite place to eat and drink. I wore the maxi skirt outfit for the day and then changed to the blue dress for dinner. All of these pieces came from ThredUP, but the blue dress is my favorite style from H&M. It’s part of their basics line, which I can’t find online, only in store.  Notice my colorful jewelry…if you missed my blog post about that, find it here.

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By the time Thursday came around, we were all getting a bit tired of the close living quarters. LOL. We spent the day up in Adamstown, which is also called the Antique Capital… aka heaven.  I love antique stores.  In fact, while looking around in one, I found a vintage treasure and it inspired me to write an entire blog post about it…so stay tuned for that. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  I also found the most beautful wall to take my outfit picture against.  My top is from ThredUP, and I love that it reminds me of good ol’ CBGB (which if you think about it, CBGB is like the antique of the punk rock world). And, yes, it’s another Lularoe Cassie skirt and again with my bright bold jewelry.  These skirts are great when you are in the car for long periods, or trying to hide the bloat from all the amazing beer and fried food you’ve been enjoying. They are stretchy with no zippers. I need not say any more.  

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Friday was the day we left to come home. We had planned on driving out to Longwood Gardens, but the traffic forced us to change our minds. In the future we will stay until Saturday, because the traffic coming home was terrible.  As soon as we neared Virginia, it was more like parking than driving. We decided to detour and found our way to Warrenton, VA.  I’ve never been there and I am so glad that we stopped!  It’s a cute small town, not that far away from Fredericksburg, and we want to return to it on a less hectic day.  We ate lunch at The Black Bear Bistro. It was delicious, and then walked over to visit the Old Jail Museum, which was fascinating. The building was beautiful, for a jail, and the lady inside was really knowledgeable. My kids liked “the scary upstairs”, which wasn’t all that scary…they probably could have stayed there all day.  LOL.  Can you imagine… “I let my kids hang out at the jail all day, for fun! Not to worry, the guards took good care of them and gave them the nice cells.” I’d win the parenting award, for sure.  

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We finally made it home, safe and sound…tired but happy.  We are already thinking ahead to next year’s trip…at least my kids are already asking when will we go back. Are you planning a vacation this year? Where will it take you? Do you know of other small towns that are fun to explore? I haven’t yet finished unpacking, so if you think about it, I’m all ready for our next adventure. When you have packed 5 months worth of outfits, you might as well just keep adventuring until you run out of clean clothes….am I right? And no, i’m not just being lazy and looking for excuses 😉 

Stay tuned for blog posts coming up about, swim suits, vintage style, crop tops…and so much more.  As always, don’t forget to join me over at www.raininstyle.com  for more style love.