It’s about that time, isn’t it? The leaves change, the temperatures cool…and moms everywhere plan our family photos. Fall is almost here, and the busy photo season has begun. Time to stock up on bribes for our kids, patience and coordinating outfits. And, while I can’t really help with bribes and patience, I can help with what to wear. So let’s get those gorgeous family pictures perfect with these six tips.

Coordinate—don’t match.

When considering outfits, think about choosing a couple of colors and use them to put your outfits together. Coordinating, rather than matching, creates more interesting photos. It also brings more individuality to your family photos.

family photo coordinate

Choose patterns wisely.

Patterns can be a distraction in photos, much like clothing with wording or logos. So, if one outfit has a pattern, work everyone else’s outfits using solid colors and neutrals. A pattern draws the eye, and it can also unify the colors in a photo. Don’t be afraid to put one person in a beautiful, subtle pattern.

Accessorize and layer.

This might be my favorite tip. Adding accessories like jewelry, a hat or scarf, adds visual interest. Layers also add depth to the image. Think about a blazer, vest, cardigan or jean jacket.


Use colorful accessories to unify a color scheme, and layer with scarves to add texture and interest.

Don’t forget your feet.

Your shoes will be in some of the photos, so be sure to put thought into those. No one wants family photos with rough, dirty looking tennis shoes.

Always plan ahead.

When figuring out what everyone will wear, try laying everything out on the floor and changing out pieces of clothing until you find a combination you like. This way, you can grab something new, if needed, and save frustration on picture day. And having a less stressful time the day of your photo session is always a good thing.

Color theme.

If you need a little inspiration for colors as a starting point for what to wear, try looking on Pinterest for color theme ideas. These groups of colors help narrow your choices and help define what colors appeal to you. Choosing your outfit first can also give you a direction to go. Be sure you choose something you feel beautiful in and love wearing.

family photo color theme

Hopefully these tips help you plan your family photos. Remember to put a little bit of personality into it, and your family will shine!