Have you ever approached a change in season and haven’t wanted to pack away or stop using a favorite item in your closet? I know I have.

What if I told you that you didn’t have to stop using it; you could transition it to the new season? Case in point being my beloved summer accessory, a straw bag — or really any natural fiber bag. They have my heart. Let’s look at a few ideas to bring natural fibers into fall because, after all, why should a change in season change your heart?

Pair it with fall colors.

Burgundy, forest green, dark blues, browns and even Fruit Dove (a Pantone warm dark pink) are all perfect ways to tie the two seasons together. Choose a top or jacket in one of these shades and grab your straw bag.

Jacket by Simply Couture, Target bag, Wild Diva booties, BLANKNYC jeans.

Maxi dresses/skirts and layers.

I’m pretty sure there is nothing better to bridge the gap between season than a maxi dress/skirt and layers. So, why not take their transitioning prowess to the next level by adding a summery touch (straw bag) and a fall touch (open toe booties). Genius!

maxi dress
Max Jeans vest, Aqua maxi dress, Talbots bag.


Pair your straw bag with a chambray-colored dress, or an outfit in all neutral colors (black, grey, tan, white, navy). Ditch the sandals for booties or a heel in a texture, like leopard print or snakeskin.


Faux leather.

I mean, why not? The contrast in textures adds interest. Try a faux leather pencil skirt or faux leather jacket.

faux leather
Karen Millen skirt, H&M jacket, t-shirt from Target, Talbots bag and Collin Stuart heels.

Add a lightweight scarf.

I have a few lightweight scarves for bridging the odd weather gap between summer and fall. Find a few scarves with a fall color scheme and tie one on over a solid tank and jeans. Add booties and a jacket or cardigan and you’re the perfect example of autumn style. Pumpkin spice latte anyone?

Sorry summer lovers, but fall will be here before you know it. If you want to hold on as long as possible, keep using that cute straw bag. Mother Nature won’t mind, and you’ll look fab throughout the Sumall (Summerfall. Get it?).

straw bag
Bag from Francesca’s