Established in 2006 in memory of Laila Rose Engh, The Laila Rose Foundation partners with Living Hope Adoptions to provide financial assistance to families adopting foreign born children with medical needs. Laila Rose, the namesake of the charity, and her mother, Lisa, lost their lives tragically in an automobile accident in 2005.

Out of the family’s loss, the Laila Rose Foundation seeks to bring the sort of joy to others that Laila brought to the lives of her family and friends. The Foundation’s hope is to give other children “the gift of confidence and joy that Laila Rose exuded every day in her short life.”

“I am honored to serve as the President of the Laila Rose Foundation. The tremendous work started by my mother, Patricia Engh, and my uncle, Mike Flynn, continues today through the work of the dedicated Board of Directors of the Foundation,” says president Jeremy Engh on the Foundation’s website. “Having lost a child, it brings me a great deal of joy to help children of others. To see happiness and the improved self-esteem of the children the Foundation helps, I am reminded of the smile my daughter carried throughout each day she was with us.”

LailaRoseFoundationlogoThe Laila Rose Foundation’s Board of Directors supports families through providing financial grants that enable parents to better care for their child when the need arises. Families apply for assistance grants through the Foundation’s website. When choosing families, priorities for funding are (in no particular order):

• Medical, dental, vision services
• Medical equipment
• Imminent housing needs
• Rehabilitation services
• Personal adaptive support services
• Psychological/ counseling services/ support services
• Assistive technology
• Home modifications due to medical need
• Recreational to improve the quality of life for the child


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