By Chris Jones

Since March 30, Virginians have been under a temporary stay at home order due to COVID-19. The change interrupted our businesses, our schools, our outside entertainment and everything we considered “normal, everyday life.”

Despite the pattern interruption caused by COVID-19, the people and businesses in our community have shown amazing resiliency, creativity and resolve. Our City Spirit Initiative and hashtags bear witness of that: #LoveFXBG, #FXBGStrong and #CitySpiritFXBG.

Last month, we showcased the creativity of Fredericksburg area children who submitted artwork for our 2020 Cover Contest and Chalk Your Walk contest. It always seems like our brightest and most resilient rays of hope during down times are the youth. Kids don’t always understand the full scope of things, and unlike adults, don’t overthink it. My kids wake up, play Xbox One, do their daily classwork and chores, ride their bikes, watch YouTube videos and play in the yard. They’re happy and content. We can learn a lot from our kids during this time. They’re living day by day.

I’m not advocating we be uninformed, or worse, misinformed. I’m saying the situation is what it is and none of has the power to alter it. We must ride it out together and choose our attitude along way. Governor Northam will decide on the current stay at home order this month, and whether he opens more of the state or moves the goal posts, we’d do well to imitate our children and live the day in front of us.

So, I hope you’ll continue to use this time to connect with your family, deepen relationships, support businesses that matter to you and give back to charities. Our kids benefit in seeing how we face adversity and disappointment. They also see what causes us panic and fear, so monitor that too. Let’s aim for joy, knowing that this too shall pass. Pattern interruptions may be inconvenient, but they give us room to breathe and allow us to weigh what matters most and what’s trivial. They help us reconcile from within.