Recently, I’ve been trying (trying, guys!) to upgrade my home décor. You can read more here: Clever Craft Mom – DIY from Simple Joy Designs

However, the forces of darkness, AKA my beloved 9-year-old son, Joe, seem to be aligned against me. As soon as I’ve tidied a room, say the family room, he will enter, book in hand. Ten minutes later he is outside and the book is, yes, on the floor. Or maybe I’m going up the steps, carrying a load of laundry and suddenly, “it’s a bird, no it’s a paper airplane!” wafting over my shoulder, lazily heading down, and alighting on the bottom step. Agh! My pristine staircase, now marred by a marvel of aviation!

Now that we enjoying lovely early summer weather, Joe has extended his “decorating” efforts to our yard. Looked out of my bathroom window the other day and what did I spy? A tennis racket! A few feet away—arranged with the precision of a grand artist—the neon green tennis ball that he was playing with…last weekend!

Littered beneath his tree house are a badminton birdie, two more balls and something that looks suspiciously like a Nerf bullet—also, a plastic cup and a butterfly net. The last war must have been a mighty one; I hope he won. Based upon the fact that I just entered the dining room and saw his dirty socks under the table and his current Warriors book on his seat gives me a clue that he at least survived it.

I’ll spare you a description of his room. Then again, nothing is off-limits in this column! Let’s take a peek: more Nerf bullets on the floor and a karate belt snaking across his bed and onto the floor. Speaking of the bed, you have to love the way he “makes” his bed. The comforter is pulled up haphazardly and underneath the…let’s check…yes, the sheet is wadded at the bottom of the bed. His 20 or more stuffed animals are mostly at the foot, but do I need to tell you that a few have jumped ship and lie on the floor? I didn’t think so…

I’ve been trying to get the kid to develop a tidy gene for years, but it isn’t working so I’ve decided to embrace his technique: drop by decorating, the new trend for 2015. Just remember you heard it here first, and Joe started the trend. Thank you. Now I need to pick up those Nerf bullets before my cats choke on them. I guess I haven’t fully embraced this trend yet!

Mary lives with (and picks up after) her family in south Stafford.