Written by Emily Freehling

Variety is key to sticking with a fitness routine.

Having access to different types of workouts on a daily basis, and having a gym that stays on top of the latest research and trends in workouts can make a huge difference in keeping up healthy habits for life-long fitness.

The Ron Rosner Family YMCA in Spotsylvania County is preparing to offer a huge new set of options to YMCA members later this year with the opening of its nearly 9,000-square-foot expansion wing.

Under construction now, this new space will allow the YMCA to offer a variety of new group fitness activities. Paired with the wellness center, childcare, gymnasium, pool and other existing amenities, this new addition will make the Y a place where you can truly meet all of your fitness needs under one roof.


State-of-the-Art Functional Fitness

The Ron Rosner Family YMCA is bringing the MX4 functional fitness system to its new expansion wing. MX4 is small-group, high-intensity training that is run as a circuit. It’s similar to the boot camp experience many people have grown to love, but workouts can usually be accomplished in less time than a typical boot camp, with targeted moves and instructors teaching proper form.

“Shorter workouts are all the rage right now,” said Angela Williams, wellness director at the Rosner YMCA. “This workout is going to be maximizing your effort in 45 minutes. If you are someone who wants to really challenge yourself and take your fitness to the next level, then this is for you.”

Classes will be leveled, making the MX4 training experience accessible to individuals of all fitness levels and ages.


New Spin Studio Nixes Boring Workouts

Also coming to the expansion wing at the Rosner YMCA is a spin studio with 15 Matrix spin bikes. All YMCA spin instructors are investing hours in training on the new bikes, which will allow them to create more challenging and varied workouts than ever before.

“You can build the class in hundreds of different ways on these bikes,” Williams said. “Our spin instructors already bring years of experience to the table, and this new equipment will give them even more options to work with to create engaging workouts you’ll want to keep coming back to.”


A Space for Hot Yoga

To balance out all of that high-intensity training, there’s nothing like hot yoga. The new yoga studio in the Rosner YMCA expansion will be specifically designed for true hot yoga, which allows for deeper, more therapeutic stretches and relaxation.

The YMCA will also offer heated and non-heated yoga, as it does now.

Additional features within the expansion include:

  • Two racquetball courts.
  • Men’s and women’s locker rooms with sauna and steam room.
  • A classroom that can house a range of educational programs for the community

“We are always branching out and looking for new ideas for how we can help people achieve their fitness goals, and we are excited to bring so many new programs and classes with this new space,” Williams said.


Something for Everyone, All Under One Roof

The Ron Rosner Family YMCA is a lot more than just a gym. It’s a community hub that promotes wellness in the Fredericksburg region in many different ways.

A YMCA membership gives you access to all of these new state-of-the-art programs, in a facility that is constantly looking for the next great thing in fitness, in addition to the wellness center for cardio and weight training, gymnasium, childcare to make it easier for parents to work out and aquatic center—all under one roof.

“This really is your one-stop shop for fitness in the Fredericksburg area,” said Alicia Kindred, Executive Director of the Rosner Family YMCA.

For more information on a YMCA membership, visit https://family-ymca.org/find-a-y/ron-rosner/


Stay tuned to the Fredericksburg Parent and Family Facebook page and YouTube channel during the month of October for a video with more information about the Ron Rosner Family YMCA’s expansion plans.