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Name: Linda Clevenger
Married: 36 years!
Residency (City or County): Spotsylvania
Kids (Ages): 35, 31, 30, 10

Self-Described Parenting Style

I believe in allowing a child to be creative even if it is out of my comfort zone (which is why we have two bearded dragons!). Rules are in place for a reason and are to be followed. I believe that not everything is black and/or white, situations will arise that require outside of the box thinking and/or critical thinking skills.

What’s your morning routine like?

We love our morning routine! Being a morning person, I typically go to the gym and get back home by 6:45. By this time hubby is awake. We allow one hour for Faith to get up, eat breakfast, feed the dragons, dress, brush her teeth and hair, pack her own lunch during school and be out the door. Usually it takes the entire hour to accomplish all of this because she is not a morning person!

What excites you about parenting?

Watching how Faith interacts with adults (at the age of 10). In my experience, children in her age group are much more in tune with what is happening around the world and much more engaged in the value of kindness and standing up for others who may not have the confidence to stand up for themselves.

What advice do you wish someone had given you about being a parent?

Be happy with how your child does whatever task they are given (as long as they are doing their best). They will complete a task to the best of their ability with encouragement from their parent and as time goes on they will complete a task/chore without being reminded. This is how they develop successful habits.

What is your basic rule of the house?

We have the expectation that we will all take care of our own dishes, belongings and laundry. Everyone must participate in the household activities in order for our home to run smoothly.

What’s your proudest moment as a parent?

She makes me the proudest when she stands up for the child who is being picked on at school and when she tells the truth – even though the rest of her class gets mad and refuses to talk with her because she has told the truth.

How about your most embarrassing?

Having to explain to the school that I did not realize that for three days in a row Faith had snuck her two bearded dragons to school in her hoodie pocket!

How do you wind down after the kids go to bed?

I have trouble staying awake until she does go to bed! Since she is older, we all go to bed at the same time (after we have ensured that all electronics have been handed over).

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