Finding the right childcare is important to parents. This year, The Rappahannock Area YMCA nabbed our top Family Favorites spot in the “Childcare” category. Here’s why you voted them best in the ‘Burg!

THREE hours of FREE childcare (for members). The only real caveat is that you must stay in the building. The YMCA is not a drop-off daycare facility. They also will not change diapers. They will, however, watch your children while you are there.

They separate kids based on age. The little ones enjoy a nursery with toys, cribs, bouncy chairs and a few highchairs, if you bring a peanut-free snack. The older kids play in a separate gym with balls, age appropriate toys and even play outside on nice days.

The staff is great with the kids!

The YMCA offers a FREE Parent’s Night Out once a month for members, and it is glorious! You’ll receive four hours of childcare (18 months and up) that includes fun activities, sports, an age appropriate movie and snack time (you must provide a peanut-free snack). Registration starts a week prior to the event. Each branch has a different Parent’s Night Out date, so be sure to call ahead to verify times. This is an incredibly popular event and fills fast! The staff will change diapers during Parent’s Night Out. You must bring your own diapers and wipes.

While you may not be able to drop your children off and run errands or grab a coffee, there are several things you can get done while at the YMCA. Our favorite is self-care! You can workout independently and zone out to your playlist. You can meet up with friends, or make new friends at a group class. Enjoy swimming laps in their pool or unwind in the sauna. For new moms, this is a great way to grab a few blissful moments to shower and eat a snack.

The YMCA is also a great place to get things done! If you’re in school, you can study for three full hours sans kids in the cafe. The cafe has free Wi-Fi, by the way. That Wi-Fi is great if you work from home and need three hours of solid time to work distraction free. You can also use that time to make a few phone calls, plan your week and meditate—you get the idea!

For more information or to find the branch closest to you, visit the Rappahannock Area YMCA’s website: