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Top Ten Tuesday: Things To Never Postpone




Parenting is tough! It's all too easy to put seemingly little things, life self care, on the back burner. While rain checks sometimes can't be avoided, there are a few things that you should try to never postpone.



Top Ten Things To Never Postpone



1.      Self Breast Exams- This simple exam could save your life. Download this app to receive a monthly reminder to preform a self exam. Have questions about breast health? Check out this Top Ten list.


2.      Setting up your 401k- There are few things in life more powerful than compound interest. Do your future self a favor and start saving now!


3.      Oil changes- Guys, we are all guilty of putting this off. It's so simple and inexpensive. Not changing your oil can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to your car.


4.      Family pictures- For some reason, this is something that we can never remember to schedule. It's also something you'll never regret doing!


5.      Date night- With kids, work, and the ten million other obligations screaming for our attention it's easy to overlook the importance of date night. Take time to have fun with your partner. Needs ideas? Here are ten stay -at- home date night ideas and a few local ones.


6.      Asking for that raise/promotion you’ve earned-  It's not always easy to be your own advocate, but it's so worth it. Take a deep breath, hold your head high, and leap forward!


7.      Standing up for yourself- Never ever let someone treat you in a way that you do NOT want to be treated. The time to stand up and make a change is now. You got this.


8.      Calling a friend to catch up- When was the last time you spoke with your best friend? I'm not talking about texting or Facebook Messaging. I mean the real deal. Slice out a little time tonight to call them. It's good for the soul.


9.      Five minutes of tiding up- Okay. Here us out on this one. Clutter is stressful. Thinking about having to clean the whole house is overwhelming. You know what though? You can get A LOT of decluttering done in just 5 minutes. Give it a whirl before you go to bed. Set a timer and go nuts while brushing your teeth. You'll be hooked!


10.   That thing you’ve always wanted to do… You know what I’m talking about- That little idea you have poking you in the back of your mind. The one that's been pestering you to come to fruition for years. There is no time like the present to start making it a reality. "Never give up on a dream just because if the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." - Earl Nightingale


written by Brenda Sapanghila

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Top Ten Tuesday: Ways To Beat The Heat




Guys. It is SO HOT OUTSIDE. Yesterday, we saw the heat index top 105 degrees. If you’re anything like us, you’re looking for a few ways to keep the kids entertained AND cool. Here are a few ideas that do just that.


Top Ten Ways To Beat The Heat


1.      YMCA Waterpark – You all know we love the YMCA. Their waterpark is so great for the kiddos. The splash pad and zero entry pool is perfect for the under 10 crowd and the big slides are super fun for older kids (and their parents). Don’t bring dinner or lunch. The concession stand has you covered. Mom pro tip: Go after 5pm. It’s cooler and it’s $5/person. Plus, you can get dinner at the concession stand, swim for a few hours, put the little ones in jammies, then drive home and put them straight to bed.

2.      Playing in the River- Paddle boarding, fly fishing, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, there is soooo much to do in the Rappahannock River!


3.      Visit the great house at Stratford Hall- Spend some time exploring the beautiful ( and air conditioned ) Great house where the Lee’s of Virginia used to live.


4.      Go to the movies- What’s better than a crisp, cold theater and a soda on a hot day? Mom pro tip: Paragon Village 12 Theater is showing free movies at 10am over the summer and Regal Theater is showing $1 movies.


5.      The Eagle Village Shopping Center- Guys… Pick up coffee at Blackstone, have the kids run around the Children’s Museum, then grab froyo at Sweet Frog or artisanal popcorn at The Popcorn Bag.  Is anyone else super excited about Duck Donuts opening??


6.      Water balloon fight – We’re including you in this too, mom.


7.      Story times- All the story times. Check out The Central Rappahannock Regional Library website for times and locations. Barnes and Noble has one as well (they also have coffee and amazing pastries *ahem* ).

8.      VBS- Most run 9-12pm, 4 days a week. It keeps the kids entertained and in the AC.


9.      Bowling – Who doesn't’t love bowling? The fries, the silly shoes, the game. It’s all good!


10.   Drink plenty of fluids – Best tip for staying cool? Drink lots of cold water!


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Pouches' Community Corner

Pouches went to visit our local Kiwanis Club to find out how they have been growing future leaders through area high school Key Clubs.

Pouches Kiwanis Club sm