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We are just 2 days away from St. Patrick's Day! What better time to break out a few good luck charms? We know it's silly, but a wee chance at a little extra luck couldn't hurt, right? Not sure what you have around the house that could be a hidden good luck charm? Check out these 10 items that might make fortune smile a little brighter on you this St. Paddy's Day...


Top Ten Good Luck Charms


1.      Fuzzy dice - Okay... yes, these are tacky. However, the story behind the charm is pretty neat. This all American good luck charm originated after World War II, when soldiers coming home from war would hang them from their mirrors to remind themselves that "luck was just a roll of the dice."


2.      Rabbit's foot - Another all American good luck charm! Originating from African-American folk-lore, a preserved rabbit's left back foot thought to bring about luck to its owner.


3.      Four leaf clover- One of the oldest good luck charms. The story goes that when Eve was cast out of Eden, she took a clover with four leaves with her to bring good luck.


4.      Horseshoe- Dating back to first century England, legend has it that hanging an upside down horseshoe over your door will keep the devil away. The American version states that an upside down horseshoe keeps luck in and a right side up horseshoe lets luck out.


5.      Crickets - These musical little bugs have been symbols of luck, vitality and prosperity in Chinese, Japanese and some Native American cultures for centuries. In Barbados and Brazil, their singing could mean wealth is coming your way!


6.      Pigs- In ancient Germany, wild boars were considered holy. Over the years, they've come to symbolize luck, strength and fertility. In fact, "schwein gehabt" (German for "good luck is at hand") means "had pig" when literally translated.


7.      Acorns- A "fruit" from the holy oak tree, Vikings used to put acorns on their windowsills for good luck.


8.      Pennies - You know the rules... heads up is good luck, tails up is bad!


9.      Red underpants - In Turkey, it's tradition to wear new red underwear on New Year's Eve for good luck. Who's to say it wouldn't work any other time of the year as well?


10.   Rainbows- Lucky and beautiful! Let's hope we all get to see one on St. Patrick's Day... and maybe even a mischievous leprechaun or two.




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