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Back-To-School season is in full swing! It's time to start adding school lunches to your weekly meal plans. Feeling a little overwhelmed? Stuck in in a ham and cheese rut? Here are 10 healthy options to try this year! Be sure to click on the links with each picture and check out all the hard working bloggers who inspired this list. 

Top Ten School Lunch Ideas



1) lunch2.jpg

We love these sandwich kabobs from


2) static1.squarespace_1.jpg

Check out all the finger foods lisa packed in


3) tacosalad.jpg

We're also pretty impressed by this taco salad.




We never would have thought to send waffles as lunch, but why not!




Check out these tortilla pinwheel lolipops from


6) enhanced_buzz_28868_1343317793_3.jpg

Behold the pizzadilla from


7) gluten_egg_dairy_nut_allergy_free_mini_corn_dog_muffins_school_lunch_easy_quick_simple_make_ahead_freezer_friendly.jpg

Note to self: Make a ton of these gluten and allergy free mini corndogs ahead of time, freeze them, and pop them in lunches as needed.



Martha Stewert nails it again with this adorable sandwich sushi!


9) Chicken_and_Rice_Patties.jpg

These chicken and rice patties look like they were made for school lunches. I bet they freeze well, too.


10) Repeat after me: There is NOTHING wrong with sending my kid to school with leftovers. Especially if dinner was healthy and delicious!


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