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It's too hot to cook. It's. too. hot. What do you make for dinner on nights like these? Sandwiches. With the 2015 Sandwich Invitational coming up on July 30th, we can't think of a better time to bring these lunchtime favorites to prime time! Here are ten recipes we found online that we totally plan on making before summer is over!

 TTT sandwiches

Top Ten Favorite Sandwiches

In no particular order

Click on the links for recipes!


1.Reuben- No one really knows where this classic sandwich originated, but I think we can all agree it's amazing.




2.Cuban- This Cuban sandwich includes ham, cheese, roast pork, and pickles. The bread is crispy outside and soft inside. Delicious!




3. Peanut Butter and Jelly- Don't underestimate the sheer awesomeness of a PB&J. Sprelly, Fredericksburg's local expert on all things peanut butter, has a fantastic assortment of flavored peanut butter and can give great advice on how to make a killer PB&J.  Pssstt... Try grilling it. You'll thank us later.


via- Sprelly's Instagram account


4.Cucumber- Reconnect with your inner princess and treat yourself to a tea party favorite... the Cucumber Sandwich.




5.Chicken salad- Cold, creamy, and savory. The chicken salad sandwich is everything you want in a summertime meal.




6.Grilled cheese- The possibilities are endless and delicious, my friend.




7.Bacon Lettuce and Tomato- Who better than Martha Stewart to perfect this classic recipe? This is the best time of year for flavorful tomatoes, by the way. *hinthint*




8. Cheese Steak- Which team are you on... Wiz or provolone?  Regardless of where your cheese loyalties lie, the cheese steak is the meaty king of sandwiches.




9.   Meatloaf- Admit it. The best part of meatloaf night is knowing that tomorrow means meatloaf sandwiches.




10.   Ice cream- What can we say? We have a sweet tooth over here at FredParent. Check out these 26 ice cream sandwich ideas from



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Pouches' Community Corner

This month Pouches learned about a very important resource for families who have lost loved ones to sudden tragedy, an organization called LLOST.

keepsake box

The foundation has helped 44 hospitals in 22 states through their Treasured Memories program. The program sends nurses to bereavement training, and provides or supplements the $55 memory boxes that include clothes, booties, handknot blankets, pictures, foot prints, hand prints, clipped hair and other mementos.