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Jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, creme eggs... Easter candy is arguably the best! While we totally support treating the kids to some of that sugary goodness, there are some GREAT candy alternatives out there. So many in fact, that we couldn't narrow the list down to 10! Is that cheating?


Top Ten Alternatives To Easter Basket Candy



Play dough- Inexpensive, non-toxic, and full of fine motor skills goodness.


Chalk and bubbles- Easter is a great time to pick up small spring/summer toys and supplies. Drink your coffee while the kids blow bubbles and draw on the driveway with their new chalk. Bliss.


Swimming or sports gear- This is in line with number 2 on our list. Think: Goggles, beach balls (not inflated), mouth guards, tennis or baseballs, a sand pail and shovel.


A movie- Who doesn't love a new movie?


Band Aids or stickers- I don't know what it is about Band Aids, but toddlers LOVE them. Give them their own box and let them go nuts. They will put them all over their body, your body, and their stuffed animals. Alternative? Nothing beats a fresh sheet of stickers.


Fresh fruit- Indulge them with their very own carton of berries or a whole banana. They'll love it and it will kind of offset the Reeses Eggs. Right?


Coloring book and crayons- Easy, versatile, and perfect for an Easter Basket.


Toothbrush and toothpaste- This is another one of those quirky things toddler and preschoolers love. Just go with it.


Socks- A brand new pair of socks is a little luxury that goes overlooked all the time. Buy a few pairs with their favorite licensed character or toy on them. Heck, buy yourself a few new pairs as well. You're welcome.


Hair accessories- Bows, headbands, ponytail holders.


Lip gloss or chapstick - Remember how excited you used to get over a new tube of Lip Smackers? Share the love.


Sunglasses- The sun will soon be burning up the sky and your little one needs some fresh shades!

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