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It's the most wonderful time of the year...

It's time for those mischievous little elves to find their shelves and keep watch for Santa Claus! Does your family take part in the Elf On A Shelf® tradition? Worried about having to clean up messes or create elaborate vignettes? Don't sweat it! Here are ten simple Elf On The Shelf® ideas we've gathered from Pinterest. As always, please take a little time to visit the lovely blogs where these pins originated from!

Pssst...We have plenty more ideas in our "Elf On A Shelf®" Pinterest Board, if you're interested.


Top Ten Elf On The Shelf® Ideas From Pinterest


1.  TP_TREE.jpg

TP the tree-  Okay, okay. This one is a little messy. Remember: You control how much toilet paper to use. You don't need to go totally crazy. Just enough to make an impact.

From My Crazy Good Life





Scanner elf- Many home printers these days come with the ability to copy as well. How funny and easy is this?

Original Pinner Unknown


3. 22bb8411a35ed77c83d2aa3e2c81735a.jpg

Reading to stuffed animals, dinosaurs... whatever they're into. - Easy, effective. Bonus points if the Elf is reading "How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas?" to his dino buddies!

From My Mommy Style


4. 4e22370cab0c520db6cab31aefcb015b.jpg

Mini snowball fight- Again, YOU control how messy this is. Instead of building a marshmallow wall, you could always construct one out of Lincoln logs or Duplos.

From DIYSwank





“Let’s…”- Planning on baking cookies or making a gingerbread house with the kiddos this year? Why not have the Elf supervise them with all the supplies and a little note?

From East Coast Mommy


6. 46c9ba22a7010f5d4dd83052ba37e7d7.jpg

Zipline-  This is a classic Elf move that only requires a candy cane, line of some kind, and something to hold the line in place and little elf hands to the candy cane.

From Raining Hot Coupons



Stuck in the vacuum- Make sure the canister is empty first! Bonus points if you get around to vacuuming the next day. I mean, now that the vacuum is out you might as well, right? ;)

From Clearly Cadence


8. ELF_LEGO.jpg

LEGO® tree- No mess! Festive! Easy! All the wins!



9. 1106_pp_w604_h804_.jpg

Tape streamers around their bedroom door- The kids will love busting through the streamers! This may not work if their door swings out, however. Check first.

From The Organized Housewife


10. 75602c0097dc40359bb68bac3c10835d.jpg

Random Acts Of Kindness. - Instead of pranks or giving treats, maybe have your Elf inspire random acts of kindness! Here are ten to get you started.

From MommySavers



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