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Now that we've entered June, Father's Day is just around the corner and it's caused me to think about my husband. When I married Chris, he was a single father to two boys and since then, we've added our own little guy to the mix.

I thought I'd share my favorite stories of his time with each of them.

The eldest, Jordan, was already 12 when I came onto the scene. I think with him, what I remember the most is how my husband wrote him many letters as he was growing up so that one day he could read them and always know where his dad's heart was at any moment in his life.

The middle son, Quincy, is silly and full of life. One the best examples of the fun they have is from last summer. Quincy wanted to ride scooters with daddy outside, so they both wore basketball shorts, tees and sneakers. Then Quincy did a fashionable don't and added his clip-on tie. He asked his dad to put on his own real tie and rock the look with him. He did and they were dressed that way the rest of the afternoon.

Our youngest, Hayden, is now a year old, but he certainly isn't without his stories. In the beginning when I was beyond exhausted, my sweet husband asked me how he could help. I said no words and just wrapped the Moby baby carrier around his torso and put a colicky newborn in it. I told him Hayden would be fine as long as he stays in there, and without complaint, he became a marsupial so I could sleep.

Take the time to thank a dad whether it's your own, your husband or someone who you see doing an amazing job, because dads are so much a part of kids lives. Being a mom isn't easy, but neither is being a dad.

Elizabeth Jones is the Editor and one of the Facebook Community Managers. She's the mother of one boy and stepmom of two who she also loves equally.

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