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Mom with her adopted son

Our readers share their favorite Mommy memories, lessons or just plain hysterics of motherhood.

The hardest part about being a mom is leaving my boy to go to work. But the best part is seeing his joyful little face happy to see mama when I come home!
Mercie DiGangi

As I was listening to my son pack his room to leave for boot camp, I remember him being 4 years old, taking him for walks and he would run so fast ahead of me. I would yell, "Stop! OK, run back to Mama." With a smile he would race back. As I listened to him pack, I wanted to yell, "Stop! OK, run back to Mama." He came home three months later, a U.S. Marine — a warrior gentleman, who will always come back to his mama.
Heather Clack

Here's my most favorite memory on adoption. Frankie was talking with one of his friends (both 6-years-old at the time). The conversation went something like this:

Friend: "Frankie! How come you are a different color than your mommy?"
Frankie: "We are? She's just not as tan as me."
Friend: "No, really. You don't match."
Frankie: "I was adopted. I grew on the outside of my mommy's tummy."
Friend: "Wow, that's cool! I guess that's why you're so tan!"
Me: Tears flowing.
It's a moment I'll never forget! My son is a very bright little boy! Sigh.
Kimberly Legg

My funniest mom moment was the first time my husband changed a diaper (a meconium one) and it got all over his hands. It was funny because it was on his hands and not mine.
Dayspring Fowler

The hardest part about being a mom is seeing myself reflected in my children. The good and the bad! The best part about being a mom is the watching, listening and participating in the joys of discovery!
Christina Buckwalter


On the Hurricane Sandy night when we had no power, my daughter came downstairs and didn't realize she had gone to the bathroom in her pajamas. Needless to say the mess was in her bed, down the stairs and all over her. We had no power to throw things in the wash. I couldn't even put things on the pack porch because there was a hurricane outside! Once we got life back in order for the night and everyone back in bed, I feel my husband shaking the bed with his laughter.

Dawn Holt

My favorite memory of motherhood is something we call the "One Minute Mommy."
That was the name we used for our bedtime ritual. I would put the kids to bed, tickle their backs and faces and talk about the day. It was supposed to last for just one minute but always took 5-10. Even now as teenagers they want a "One Minute Mommy" but refer to them with a more sophisticated name — a backrub. It's a great way to end each day.
Ann Cadwallader

Kerry Pinto is a freelance writer living with her husband and two children in Stafford.

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Pouches' Community Corner

Adoptive parents in Fredericksburg now have a new partner on their journey to a healthy family. In 2016, Children’s Home Society was awarded a $125,000 grant from the Virginia Department of Social Services to extend their Richmond area post-adoptive services to the Fredericksburg area.


Now CHS is looking to find adoptive families in the area who need support before they hit a crisis point. “It doesn’t matter which agency they adopted from, or when that happened,” said Buckheit. “We want to offer a lifetime of support to adoptive families in the Fredericksburg area, especially those who haven’t been aware of our services in the past.”