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fav-school-memoriesAs a child, my favorite time of the year was always fall. Aside from the usual reasons (Halloween, pumpkin picking, a welcome relief from Virginia's oppressive summer heat), it meant that the back-to-school season was upon us. I loved the anticipation of a new school year. Who doesn't like a fresh start?

Like most of us, my early childhood was lived right before the explosion of text messaging and cell phones. Granted, by the time I was a senior in high school, they had well taken over. Therefore, going back to school meant finally reconnecting with all the friends that I wasn't able to see over the summer. We would spend most of that first week comparing our summer adventures and stiff new backpacks, our glue sticks still unwrapped, our pencils unsharpened. Without a doubt, my favorite memories of school all took place in the beginning. We were little kids with big plans and fresh school supplies. Look out world!

This year, I get to relive that happy, buzzing anticipation. My son, Archer, will start pre-school in the fall. Much like I was at the same age, he is already excited. He asks me every morning if today is the day he will get to go to school. I can't wait to be able to answer, "Yes." I am probably a little over enthusiastic about picking out his first day of school outfit and backpack — hey, it's my right as a parent! Though this world is quite different than the one in which I started my school career, the excitement is still there. Fall is a time to make audacious plans, take risks, learn new things, and explore the amazing, unpredictable world around us with the enthusiasm of a child. Here's to new adventures and fresh beginnings!

It's time to dive in.

Brenda Sapanghila is a Social Media Community Manager at Fredericksburg Parent. She enjoys DIY projects, pop-culture, cooking and dry humor.

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St Baldrick’s Foundation began in 2000 over a simple idea – shave a colleague’s beautiful hair while also raising money for kids with cancer. And now this Foundation has funded over $200 million worth of research to cure pediatric
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