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girl reading bookIf you want to find some of the cleverest, most fun stories in literature, look no further than your library's picture book section. There is a whole new generation of authors and illustrators out there, inventing hilarious and well-crafted titles that the whole family can enjoy. I would like to suggest a few personal picks.

She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain by Jonathan Emmett is a fantastically silly reworking of the classic folk song with a pint-sized cowgirl whose legend grows with each verse of the song.

Our quickly approaching little lady will be wearing pink pajamas, painting the whole town purple and juggling jars of jelly when she comes. This great sing-aloud book has hand motions, too, making it more and more fun with every read!

Hilda Must Be Dancing by Karma Wilson is about a hippo that loves to boogie woogie, but her crashing steps are driving all the other animals in the jungle crazy! Try as she might to take up a new hobby, Hilda ends every experiment with the notion, "I think I'll stick to dancing."

Hilda is a strong, confident, female character who is not going to let a few complaints stop her from what she loves to do. Wilson is particularly adept at rhyming. Her verses roll off the tongue with ease. In terms of humor and poetry, I would put Wilson's writing style on par with Dr. Seuss.

Oh No! Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World by Mac Barnett and Dan Santat features another great female character, a young scientist whose robot building skills may have led to some slight mass destruction. Think of Godzilla in picture book form.

Barnett writes some of the funniest books for children, playing with reader expectations and genre. Illustrator Santat is also responsible for the colorful, science-based artwork that is part of Fizz, Boom, Read!, our Summer Reading program for children.

It is still possible to sign-up, read what you want, and earn prizes throughout the month of August. Picture books are a great way to rack up those minutes. Check some out today!

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